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Letter: Teachers aren’t the enemy, Northwood

Congratulations, Northwood voters! We have met the enemy and it is – teachers! Wait, huh?! Well, yeah, they’re the ones who have “all summer off” and get a day off “for every holiday known” and “look how much they get paid.” “Where’s the fire, where’s the dedication?”

But you can’t feed your family “fire and dedication.” They usually ask for money at the grocery store. Teachers have homes to heat, cars that sometimes break down, mortgages to pay, taxes to pay. Teachers, who are also taxpayers, have to pay part of their own paychecks.

No, people, they’re not the enemy – they’re working stiffs, just like the rest of you. They just happen to have the higher responsibility of teaching your children. And, make no mistake, the children may not be your flesh and blood, but they are still your children because they are the future. I know this is the tech generation, and providing access to technology is essential. However, even the tech-y children don’t pick it up by osmosis. Somebody has to teach them. Oh my, there’s that word again.

Please consider these points the next time you vote on a teacher contract – or even talk to or about teachers and their support staff. And try not to play dog in the manger – “Well, if I’m not getting a raise, why should they?” We’re all in this together. Thanks for listening. And teachers and staff, thanks for teaching.



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