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Letter: Save the honeybee

Did you know that the honeybee is the leading pollinator for the planet? The honeybee pollinates 90 percent of the world’s crops and plants, which provide vegetation, oxygen and other natural resources. Did you also know that the honeybee is an endangered species?

The honeybee produces numerous benefits to humans, including honey, beeswax, bee venom, pollen and royal jelly. Bee venom has components being researched to combat HIV, arthritis and cancer. Without the honeybee, all of these substantial benefits would be lost. Many other insects cannot pollinate, and artificial pollination is not as effective as the honeybee. Medical research would be halted (bee venom is unique), and other aspects of the ecosystem would need to adapt.

A large portion of research funding is being allocated towards honeybees; however, money is not enough to save this delicate creature. We need to build awareness and amplify efforts within our own state to help ensure that the best research is being produced to help save this endangered species from extinction. A large portion of business revenue for New Hampshire relies on the honeybee: tourism for New Hampshire’s natural beauty, bioengineering and the agricultural industry are just a few examples of the potential revenue loss within New Hampshire.

Design a garden, respect the environment around you, or maybe donate toward bee research. Let’s help save an endangered species!



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