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Letter: The rest of the story

Our hats off to Monitor columnist Ray Duckler, who took the time and cared enough to write “the rest of the story” about the unfortunate incident involving Patrick Welch, Pembroke Academy basketball star (“Lesson learned the hard way, Monitor front page, March 25).

My husband and I have enjoyed countless hours following the Pembroke Spartans basketball team. We have seen the physical pressures that Welch is frequently subjected to as his competitors try to limit his scoring opportunities, but we have always been impressed with his ability to stay focused and display good sportsmanship in spite of the pressure.

Did Welch make a very bad choice following the Division II championship basketball game? Absolutely! But should that be the reason he is remembered? Let us not forget his superlative athletic skills and his four high school years of “good stuff,” both on and off the court.

We are all aware that Welch has paid a high price for his bad choice and sadly has very likely learned a life-changing lesson the hard way. Although we don’t know Welch personally, we sincerely hope that he can move on from this unfortunate event, and wish him the best for continued academic and athletic success.



Legacy Comments2

This is a problem that results from the ability to instantly put emotions and adrenalin on the internet. This is further enforced by what we see in parental behavior in the stands and more importantly by professional athletes, who are given a pass on their behavior that would land others in jail. I think the punishment is too severe and am sorry he had to pay the price for something we all do, except not on the internet. Congratulations Patrick, still an achievement, just watch the Twit 'ing.

Here we go again, seeking out the Lowest Common Denominator. The ill behavior of attending fans, and/or that of professional athletes, should not be the standard by which any scholastic player is measured. Just because these adults didn't learn their lesson doesn't mean we should give up on the student. It's this kind of leniency that has burdened society with a bunch of physically ripened spoiled brats. The NHBCO said "The buck stops here!", and we should be glad they did so. Come on, people.

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