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Letter: Brown doesn’t sound so independent

Re “What I’ve heard in New Hampshire: Obamacare is a mess” (Monitor Forum, March 27):

Former senator Scott Brown wrote “Now, I don’t pretend to have all the answers to everything, but I do know this much: If we want to get rid of Obamacare . . .”

Now, I don’t pretend to know everything about my former senator, but I do know that while campaigning in Massachusetts, Brown pretended to be a centrist operating independently from the national GOP machine. However, anyone still talking about “getting rid” of Obamacare isn’t independent of the national GOP platform and isn’t in touch with reality.

While he was senator, the national GOP denied climate change. Brown, formerly a strong Massachusetts environmentalist, hewed to the party line and voted to stop EPA efforts to regulate greenhouse gas emissions and to cut their budget. He voted to deter the military’s efforts to use alternative energies and voted against carbon pricing legislation to tax polluters, and voted to continue tax subsidies for fossil fuel producers. He supports fracking. He supports piping Canadian tar sands crude oil through the U.S. to refineries for shipment overseas.

If Brown wants to demonstrate he can represent New Hampshire, he should campaign against Sen. Jeanne Shaheen by criticizing her for not doing enough on climate change. He should explain what he would do differently and why he supports Republican Massachusetts economist Greg Mankiw’s proposal for a revenue-neutral carbon tax with border adjustments because studies showed it would create jobs and boost the economy while reducing emissions.


Brookline, Mass.

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Brown supports fracking? Anyone who does not is unfit for office...IMHO.

Every major newscast (except Fox, which I am sure went with Obamacare) led with the dangers from climate change. We will have increased food shortages and Heaven forbid coffee beans will disappear. Someday BPR will be standing on a hill in hometown surrounded by water all alone still screaming "globull warming is a hoax, gulp gulp, gulp ,"

Every major newscast (except FOX) never talks about the struggles with Obamacare, unlike during the Bush administration, never cover a casket coming home from Afghanistan, never talk about secretive meeting in the WH like they did under Bush....they give Obama a pass for doing worse things than Bush did.....night after night after night.

Com on Itsa, you know you never watch any other "news' cast except Fox, or you would know they do news on the problems with the ACA constantly. What they don't do, is talk about Benghazi constantly. If you want to watch a partisan news channel that is fine, but you are only getting one side of a story.

which non partisan news channel do you watch? the one that talks about chris christie constantly??

I am like Sarah Palin, I watch all of "em.

If you watched FOX you would not make the comments about it that you do. You would understand that there are two sides to every story and you can decide for yourself; as in an informed decision rather than a biased decision because of the way a reporter or anchor on a major network presents the news.

Others NEVER talk about Benghazi. If that was Bush in office, it would be all Benghazi 24/7. No I listen to NPR, watch PBS (and just about gag) as well as the major networks. They often lead with the faux global warming hysteria. If that is not political, I don't know what is. Com on tillie.

Sure -- just take it from FOX, right? They "report"; you repeat.

Food shortages and no coffee beans? I guess they gave up on the more tornadoes and hurricanes predictions....since those turned out to be very false. So much for warmer NH winters too...

One swallow does not make a summer. I guess Sail is not going to be alone on that water surrounded hill.

There is no such thing as Globull warming - the gig is up - the increase in CO did not increase temperatures. The earth has not warmed in 17 years 6 months. The truth is inconvenient for the left but their hoax is over.

As Brown would say, "whatever."

It's CO2, not CO--that's carbon monoxide. You can't even get that fact straight in your haste to post contradictory nonsense to every climate change reference. And as per a Monty Python routine--you're not making an argument--you're just making a contradiction--one with no scientific support whatsoever.

Correct CO2 is what plants give off. CO is what progressives give off every single time they open their mouths, it is poisonous and deadly.

Ah the words of a great compromiser.

CO in action tillie!

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