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Letter: Other offensive nicknames

That there is compelling evidence that the use of Native American mascots and nicknames damages the self-esteem of Native American children is sufficient reason to eliminate those mascots and nicknames.

Advocates for this cause could be more effective if they showed more cultural awareness of the context in which they occur. The flagrant disregard of cultural context makes the advocates look unserious in the eyes of people who need to be educated.

For example, in a recent editorial (Monitor, April 10) the paper quotes with approval a comment from an advocate suggesting there are no other races used as mascots, and the Monitor then cites mascots that do not exist rather than those that do.

How do New Englanders not think of the Boston Celtics logo, in which a race of people is represented by a cartoon figure? The Minnesota Vikings would be relevant to this discussion. One might also think of the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame or the Dutchmen of Union or the New York Yankees. The Vancouver NHL team nickname is still a strong ethnic slur on the East Coast, although apparently it means something different on the West Coast.

The Monitor does hint that it finds all race-based nicknames demeaning. Perhaps it should have said so clearly. I leave it to the Notre Dame people to explain why that nickname might not be seen as demeaning.



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Dang. For a fleeting moment, I thought this forum might allow a repartee completely devoid of Dems vs Repubs. Sure was fun while it lasted.

Should local Black Ice Pond Hockey champs, JACK EDWARDS TEETH, change their nick to the Porcelain Tooth Caps?

Well there you go but that brings up another issue. The "Black Ice Hockey" league will need to be changed as well. Perhaps the "Culturally Diverse Ice Hockey League". Oh and White's Park is offensive to me. Please change that name to the Colorless Park.

I think WHITE Park (not White's) gets a bye here. It's named after the primary benefactors of our fair city, Nathaniel & Armenia White. If Concord ever had a friend, it was indeed the White family. Change the name of that 25-acre lot donated to Concord by Mrs White? Over my dead body.

C'mon Fred . . . you know the difference between Native American nicknames and all those other nicknames you mentioned . . . do I have to spell it out for you??? And to Dirty Larry . . . I'm glad I'd finished my morning coffee before reading your comment - or my computer would've taken a soaking LOL!!!

Oh come on. Have we really devolved into emotion balls of mush that we are so introspective that our feelings are hurt on the drop of a hat? Gee, I am a WASP and the London Wasp's name really offends me. I guess if you were a blond that the Cleveland Browns could offend you as it favors "brown" or perhaps it is racist. Oh and the New England Patriots, well we can't have that either as we know that some of those original "patriots" were slave owners. Uh-oh that might offend someone. People just need to grow up and be adults. All of this political correctness is a distraction to the real issues we face as a country. The introspective crowd whine like babies......

I still think the point is being missed. If a group finds it offensive then it should be stopped. If a team was called the drunken Irishmen or the stupid Polacks maybe it resonate more with people because that is their heritage and they would not want their children to be affected by it.

So much for free speech. If your feelings are hurt by something someone says, it must be stopped, it must be hate speech. I see that you don't like stereotypes, tillie, unless of course they are Republicans, then you stereotype until the cows come home. Hypocrisy? Oh yes.

i do hope that you are admitting to the hypocrisy you and the rest of your group here, especially BPR, when it comes to stereotyping Liberals and Democrats and the working poor and almost any group that is not rich white guys.

liberals, progressives, socialists, democrats or whatever they call themselves - ......sheeeeeesh

According to the IBOFM (Int'l Brotherhood Of Field Mice), the "Hawks" have got to go, too.

I suppose that means the Bow Falcons are next?????

Precisely, Sherman. And if we stay on that dubious course, before long there won't be much left. How would you like to read this in the Monitor Sports? "The Trinity Tree Hugging Wussies took their second state championship in a row by gently stroking the Salem Soft Kittens by a score of 3-2.". -Mr Peabody

I am sorry Mr. Peabody, Kittens are often left abandoned and people might feel abandoned if they root for the Kittens. I think that the Wussies would be better named the Jello Weaklings or perhaps the Emotional Crybabies, then again "babies" might remind people of abortion and well, progressives want to avoid that subject so we could have a team the Concord Choice, Jaffrey Justice, Epsom Emotionals, Dover Diversity, Interlakes Inclusion, Chichester Celebration, Tamworth Tolerance, Franklin Feminists, Antrim Affirmative Action, Weare Women's Rights, Francestown Fairness, Manchester Minimum Wagers. When the teams travel they can fuel up at full service gas stations where the "petroleum transfer technician" can make sure that they have gas and the windshield is cleaned. The "logistics transfer executive" (bus driver) will appreciate that!

I fail to see the how a local NH team is offending any Indians except in the minds of the overly zealous correctness police. The whole argument is nothing but white guilt, who heard of the red raiders outside of the high school sports world. The rubbish passing for credible evidence is pure unadulterated fairy tales. Native American children are stigmatized by some name, oh the horror. Personally any rational thinking American should be more ashamed of the abject poverty we force on a once proud people by stealing their land and making them live in remote wastelands. We idolize homicidal maniacs like Gen Custer and all the other frontiersmen. So if it makes you sleep at night, first remember - eliminating a name does nothing to address the wholesale genocide rained down on million of men, women and children. Sleep well bleeding hearts.

And nothing we can do can do can make up for what was common practice in those days. We spray for mosquitoes today, in 200 years it may be found that they have some special place in nature and we will be called barbaric.

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