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Letter: The facts he ignored

Another day, another dollar. Although it’s more accurate to say, “Another day, another lawmaker saying something silly about women.”

That’s exactly how state Rep. Will Infantine sounded last week – silly – when he talked about the gender wage gap and why women make less.

Apparently women don’t work hard enough, that’s why we’re paid less than men. Yes, he really said that. I’m going to ignore (for now) Infantine’s insult to the hard-working women of New Hampshire and look at the facts he ignored.

For example, in more than 100 job categories tracked by the Department of Labor, men make more than women in all but three categories – and the wage gap starts early. Research by the American Association of University Women found that even one year out of college, working in the same occupation with the same major, female graduates earned 7 percent less than their male counterparts.

The wage gap is real, and it impacts the lives of New Hampshire women and their families.

I hope Infantine learns from his unfortunate comments.

Somehow, I suspect he won’t want to repeat them to a room full of angry women and their families, squeezing in time between all their other commitments to tell him how wrong he is.

Women work just as hard for their money as men, and all they want is to be paid equally to men. I don’t think equality is too much to ask for, do you?



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Just keep it up guys, using so many words to explain why you don't think women need to make as much as men. Too bad you can't make a quick sound bite of it so women could really understand.

the dearth of women in the skilled trades...and the obvious fact that men and women are different may have something to do with it.

Lets talk about those two studies, the AAUW and The Labor Dept. The 23 cent figure was based on wages that women and men make. Not broken down by category. In other words, a 21 yr old Barista working at Starbucks, was compared to a 50 year old Microsoft Ex. That same study from the Labor Dept also stated that when variables are included, the wage gap between men and women is most likely between 4-8 cents. The AAUW Study pretty much agreed with the LD Study and Economists. They state the gap is 7 cents and they cannot figure out why, if it is poor negotiating skills on the part of women or if in fact it is discrimination. Those are the facts not myths from those two studies. The 40% of women being primary breadwinners also includes women who are married who have spouses that work. Their combined income if married averages 80 grand a year, where a single mother's income averages about 25 grand. Choices are not free. If you base your choice on having flexibility, like becoming a teacher so you have more time off, then you pay the price with low teacher salaries. NOW wants all women to believe they are victims. They do not give women credit for their choices. Women are not victims , they make their choices in regards to pretty much everything they do. The trouble with NOW is that they do not respect all women's choices. Just choices by women who work outside the home, are Libs and not religious. So they are not the National Organization of All Women. If they were they would they would be there for all women, even women they disagree with politically.

Facts say different: . "Another contemporary economic myth is that women make 75 cents for every dollar men make because they’re discriminated against in labor markets. Like other myths, this does have a kernel of truth to it. So for example, if you add up all the incomes of women and divide by the number of women in the labor force and then do the same thing for men, what you’ll find is, on average, women do make about 75% of what men do." "What’s happening here is not discrimination in the labor market, but differences in the choices that men and women make (about investing in their knowledge, their education, their skills, and their job experiences) that lead to them getting paid different salaries." Women with same education, same time on job , working same position show no statistical significant difference in wages. "Economist June O'Neill, former director of the Congressional Budget Office, found after controlling for experience, education, and number of years on the job....that among young people who have never had a child, women's earnings approach 98 percent of men's. The democrats REAL WAR on Women is here... "Analysis: Men still make a lot more than women in Obama’s White House" "357,000 Fewer Women Held Jobs in October; Female Participation Rate Hits New Low" . That is the REAL democrats record

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