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Letter: Waiting game won’t help

Apparently, some officials in Wolfeboro think all that was required to fix the mess created by former Wolfeboro Police Commissioner Robert Copeland was for him to tender his resignation (Monitor, May 20).

For instance, commissioner Ron Goodgame thinks all that is required is to play a waiting game by putting this mess in the “rearview mirror.”

On the other hand we have commission Chairman Joseph Balboni who seems to believe that Robert Copeland’s racist epitaph was simply an expression of someone who was “angry with government.” Both of these clueless views are quite troubling.

Ask yourself, how many times have you heard someone rant about any of our former occupants of the White House in racially charged language? If you are being truthful with yourself, the answer is none.

So, why does it seem we hear so many people today defining the current occupant of the White House not by his politics or his accomplishments or even his failings but by the color of his skin? That is the question that officials like Joseph Balboni and Ron Goodgame and the people of Wolfeboro and elsewhere should by pondering, because the ugliness of racism and bigotry are not simply going to magically disappear by playing a waiting game.



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To the IT team at CM - WHY? Why do responses so often not end up where they are supposed to? I very carefully click on the reply link for the post I want to reply to, and the post ends up randomly somewhere else. I really wish you guys would fix this.

give it up...they dont what I do...just start a new comment and reference the one you are responding to....Liberals are always looking for someone else to fix what can be done on ones own...perfect example of the difference between us.

I'm sorry, but that comment is ridiculous. I pay for the ability to comment, and I'm asking this company for customer service. I work in the IT field, and I fix plenty of things for other people because IT'S MY JOB. I thought you republicans were all about people taking responsibility for the things that are their responsibility. Apparently you can suspend that rule if you've got a chance to insult a democrat.

I sugest you apply that same customer service quality to the govt FOF.

they already responded to a comment about this problem....they said there wasnt a problem...but all keep on them...I'm sure you will get results in no time. solution works

We have all had hoax e mails sent to us. We also have to dig far and wide for the truth because the media hides the truth from us. The left has been using race to shut down speech from day one. Started with the Harvard professor and went on from there. The plan is to shut down any evaluation of President Obama's policies, fall out from those policies, and divide us. Even lies now are deemed taken out of context. That is how the left approaches everything. So much for all of being in this together. We now accept Race is being used for political gain, period, and President Obama is fine with that if it keeps him protected from being judged on his policies. If he was not okay with his color being used to shut down speech, he would have put a stop to it. I actually had high hopes that he would make a difference in regards to race relations. Instead he divided us even more. Sad. The race card will be turned up even more with the upcoming elections, and if Hillary runs she will be protected also. If she is asked a tough question, the left will cry foul, abusing her as a woman. She will not be held to the same standard as a male. That was evident in the hearings when she testified. And my guess is she was the one that demanded Dems get on the committee to give her a cushion when she is being questioned. The Clintons play the game better than anybody.

Maybe we all have hoax emails sent to us, but there must be some reason they are sent to someone in the first place because they subscribe to such a site and they are all to willing to believe any loathsome story about the President. So you didn't want any Dems on the committee and feel another one sided investigation will be just fine with the American people?

No, you can get e mails all the time from sites without subscribing to them. I get Dem emails all the time and other things. The reason the investigations are going on is because the left have no desire to get to the truth. I have watched several hearings and the left do not ask questions that pertain to the issue at hand. With Hillary they asked her describe her job and they told her how great she was. Cummings on the IRS hearings was miffed because he was outed by one of the groups testifying that he had sent threatening e mails to her. True The Vote. The Left just sits there and obstructs, makes speeches about witch hunts and denies. They are there to protect Hillary and my guess is they will obstruct everything. If they really wanted the truth they would seek it. Pretty bad when it takes a court order to get evidence handed over. For folks who claim there is nothing to hide, they sure do a lot of hiding.

Well, I guess we can already see how unbiased this hearing will be.

The bottom line is that it is NOT about skin color. The question about race ever entering into a WH discussion is moot, all previous presidents were white. Copeland is a victim of his generation and an inability to express his anger. I can recall as a child when Protestant parents were prejudiced against Catholics, telling children that they should not marry a Catholic. Times change, we progress but long held beliefs in senior citizens does not mean that they are evil or that they mean any harm. Political correctness ought not be employed in retrospect. People like Copeland exist, your definition of tolerance may not be anything on their mind or in their beliefs. Let's not forget that he is entitled to his opinion, the woman involved heard a private conversation and took it to the press. Her tolerance of a senior expressing his opinion showed a lack of tolerance and understanding as well. I have no use for Obama but not because he is black, but because he is nothing more than a politician out for his ideology and himself.

Get real. Copeland is a retired lawyer, friend of Jeb Bradley and other politicians both high and low, and an official of the town, who just happened to be in a public setting, where those sitting around him, as well as those walking by, could hear him express his opinions of Obama. And it wasn't just the 'n' word, it was "f***** n*****", an expression of both bigotry and blind hatred. Copeland felt comfortable enough in that setting that no one would challenge him--unsettling by itself, but clearly indicating others around him were assumed to feel the same way. I've no doubt they do, since they are feeding from the same trough of misinformation as you and TCB--as the post below and your concurrence show.

I do not care what color he and believe most folks do not neither. What concerns me is this is the guy, who as a US senator and Pres campaigner, stated on a Sunday TV news program, " Senator Obama replied : "As I've said about the flag pin, I don't want to be perceived as taking sides." "There are a lot of people in the world to whom the American flag is a symbol of oppression..." "The anthem itself conveys a war-like message. You know, the bombs bursting in air and all that sort of thing." Obama continued : "The National Anthem should be 'swapped' for something less parochial and less bellicose. I like the song 'I'd Like To Teach the World To Sing'. If that were our anthem, then, I might salute it. In my opinion, we should consider reinventing our National Anthem as well as 'redesign' our Flag to better offer our enemies hope and love. It's my intention, if elected, to disarm America to the level of acceptance to our Middle East Brethren. If we, as a Nation of warring people, conduct ourselves like the nations of Islam, where peace prevails ......" This is the mindset of the guy in the WH - that does concern me.

another person that cant perform a simple fact check...come on...

thats gonna leave a mark...

Great Post! But soon, the deniers and protectors will be coming here to call you a racist and deny that he hates this country.

I find it so fascinating that you and TCB, among many others, are willing to accept and repeat such outlandish falsehoods just because they reinforce your loathing for the President. For so many of you, the mantra seems to be: no lie too great or bizarre as long as it insults, demeans or defames him or his family.

Not sure what falsehoods you are referring to but here are some facts. "If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor". "If you like your insurance, you can keep your insurance", "no one will have to lose an insurance policy or doctor that you like", "there was absolutely no impropriety in the IRS", families will save $2500 per year with Obamacare.

Laugher of the Day: "Not sure what falsehoods you are referring to..." No retraction, or admission that "the facts" as stated were an internet hoax? Just move on, change the subject, and pretend not to notice. And I see GWTW is back on the reservation--she's got her boys' backs after all.

As Rabbit said to me. that's how they roll.

Whats wrong with you? Apparently the worst thing that can happen here is a citizen repeating a false claim. When the President of the US does it, as in the several examples I gave...crickets. Which is worse??

"Repeating a false claim"? TCB is obviously someone who belongs to the flat earth society, but Itsa is always trying to portray himself as some kind of pure Conservative that is more intelligent than the rest of us and to find he justs repeats willy-nilly anything he reads on the internet that is detrimental to Obama without checking just shakes my whole world up. You guys always do that you know, try to change the subject by saying " but look what Obama did."

Obama...Lie of the year recipient. Which do find more unacceptable Tommy?

Funny, I don't remember any your going on and on about these lies. Lies that really did result in innocent lives lost.

I found the Hatfields & McCoys history "fascinating", Tommy_H, but not the incessant childish infighting you're referring to in this forum. Here, it all boils down to Dems & Repubs; which side are you on? If'n yooz is on der side, den yooz must die! But not before they minimize each other via labeling (and Playground stuff, and an absolute waste of time, imho.

You know Itsa, I don't like you or anything you believe in, but I really gave you credit for more intelligence than this. I was wrong.

"I don't like you", well you don't know me so who is the intolerant one? "or anything you believe it". I guess you don't believe in freedom, liberty, self determination, hard work, respect for elders, economic prosperity, free speech, patriotism, love of country, charity, passion, doing the right things for the right reasons, ability to managewith a diverse workforce, respect for veterans, good parenting, etc. Guess not. Intelligence? I don't think that you have the corner on that either. PS, it is Obama's narcissism and arrogance, not his "race" that people loathe.

Good try on the old shell game,Itsa, bringing up something else to take away attention from the subject at hand. No I don't like you Itsa because you have so little respect for the working poor of this country. When you write a post like this one, I hope you were standing at attention with your hand over your heart. When you make a mistake like the Snoops one, it really brings into question your ability to ever see any other side of question than yours. These examples come up all the time about the right wing hate of Obama's race, on hate websites, jokes sent by Republican politicians, ugly cartoons depicting Obama as a monkey and yet you cling to your belief that race has nothing to do with it.

The working poor? I was the working poor for many years. See the Jimmy Carter years, much like today. I never really started earning a good salary for 15 years after I graduated from college. Many years I struggled and held down as many as three jobs. I opened businesses that were successful and some that failed cleaining out my bank account and I was left with nothing. People make choices, you have to accept the outcome of those choices. You have no respect for anyone, tillie, who does not agree with your tiny view of life and this country. What about the Bush cartoons depicting him as Hitler and a monkey, were you outraged then? Hate websites? Most of them are on the Left. Race? No it is his arrogance and narcissism

Cue the violins. It's the inspiring story of a man overcoming the odds and the hardships inflicted during the Carter years through sheer hard work. Soon to be a major motion picture.

Do not bother defending yourself against a leftie using race to degrade you. It is a politic tactic. They cannot tolerate any evaluation of their American Idol President. The more screw ups that come up, the more the race card will be played. And if they cannot call you a racist, they will go to the "you hate poor people routine". They cannot discuss the issues, they need diversions to take the attention away from what is really happening. When you cannot debate the issues, switch to name calling, assumptions and lame arguments.

Just to be clear here, You don't consider calling people on welfare "scum" and "rats" name calling?

Hmm, I guess "narcissism" is the new buzz word to use for Obama. Read it twice today on these pages from two different sources unless of course you wrote the letter to the CM.

There you go again, tillie, getting personal. And when Itsa reciprocates, you'll go into the fetal position and cry foul; "I'm just a little old lady living in Exxxm NH!". If you dish it (and you do), then you must take it. Little old lady, my derriere.

I think your name fits you perfectly and I don't care what you think. Itsa is perfectly able to defend himself but I don't see any other post from him explaining why he believes that Obama said those things. Also it is Itsa's idea that I am a little old lady from Epsom, I never said that though what you two have against Epsom I don't know, It certainly is no Bow which he also seems to hate.

re: " is Itsa's idea that I am a little old lady from Epsom...". That's your lie to tell, tillie. I saw it with my own eyes. In fact, it was two (2) different posts, but both of them were yours. Very weak of you to project it onto someone else, tillie. And not very "intelligent" either.

Absolutely, there is no better way to know if a person is a true Americans than if he wears a flag pin. Wonder what "out of context" speeches you got these remarks from and twisted them.

This is such a disgusting bunch of lies. I looked this up because I had never heard any of this stuff before and it all fake. No wonder I think of you people as gullible sheep.

Remember...Obama received the Lie of the Year award 2013. Lies are disgusting...

This is a complete hoax. Check Urban Legends, Snopes, whatever site you want. Obama NEVER said such things. They were in a satire by a conservative Arizona columnist. It has been floating around cyberspace since 2008, Ever check out this garbage before you pass it on? Talk about gullible!

From Snopes, he said this on Meet the Press: "As I've said about the flag pin, I don't want to be perceived as taking sides". "There are a lot of people in the world to whom the American flag is a symbol of oppression." "The anthem itself conveys a war-like message. You know, the bombs bursting in air and all that sort of thing." Obama continued: "The National Anthem should be 'swapped' for something less parochial and less bellicose. Read more at

As I said before, you "are willing to accept and repeat such outlandish falsehoods just because they reinforce your loathing for the President. [Your] mantra seems to be: no lie too great or bizarre as long as it insults, demeans or defames him or his family." You just proved that again, Itsa; Snopes (along with numerous other sources) confirmed that those allegations are all FALSE! Your reading comprehension is just about as good as your analytical ability.

To Itsa: Your inability to grasp what you read is truly astounding From the start of the report, Snopes very clearly labeled every one of these statements as FALSE and gave detailed documentation of its falsity. As did Urban Legends. Do you even understand how these websites work? No wonder this comment section is so often worthless.

Digging deeper, are we?

Isn't it funny how quickly they will believe something as ridiculous as these stories but refuse to believe in climate change.

'If you like your plan, you can keep your plan"....."What we said was, you can keep (your plan) if it hasn’t changed since the law passed." ..."The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court "is transparent." ..."I will cut the deficit in half by the end of my first term"....which one did you believe??

This post deserves a retraction from both TCB and Itsa. But no one should hold their breath waiting for one. To admit that this is false would crack the facade of paranoia and idiocy that is a hallmark of the far right--birthers, Birchers, many Tea Partiers/ Granite Groksters. Itsa for one can pose as a moderate, but little nuggets like this one slip out from time to time. I doubt even sail/BPR would stoop so low, or be so gullible as to accept this nonsense on its face. Kudos to GWTW for speaking up. ------ Completely false. But regardless, I agree with anyone who says our national athem is too war-like. "My Country, 'tis of Thee" would be a better choice, except that the tune is the same as the British national anthem, so would be confusing at the Olympics. ;-)

Still waiting for retractions from Itsa and TCB on their respective posts of spurious nonsense. We're not holding our breath, though.

How many incidents of President Obama being called racial slurs have been in the news? Who were the ones that decided if you evaluated this President's performance, or disagreed with his policies, you were a racist? Any hate rhetoric is ignorant and wrong period, no matter who it is directed at. I personally would like to see all hate rhetoric stopped. But as long as folks use it for political gain, it never will be. Copeland is an ignorant old man, He would still be an ignorant old man no matter what his politics were.

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