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Letter: Obama must resign

For years I have been saying President Obama is unfit for the office of president, pointing out he had no executive or business experience, and no military, foreign policy or other skills needed for the job.

Universally from the left I was called a racist, bigot and redneck. Typical of progressive liberals when faced with fact and truth they resort to smears and slanders.

After almost six scandal-filled years, years where Obama policies have left death and grief from Mexico to the Middle East, where he treats our allies and friends like enemies and our enemies as friends I feel fully justified in my appraisal of the man.

Six years ago he promised to fix the VA, saying that it is a sacred duty to care for our veterans. Where has he been for those years? Self described as lazy, he has proven this at least to be true. It’s terrible that it has taken another, and perhaps his worst, failing, to bring clearly into focus that truth. This is no longer a Democratic/Republican debate, it is a human debate of the heart and minds.

Do we continue to allow a narcissistic, incompetent person to run our nation into the ground, to deprive our veterans of the medical services deserved and promised, to offend our Constitution and laws or do we say, ENOUGH!

Stand up America and demand the resignation of Obama. Write letters, send emails. Flood the left-leaning media, demand they tell us the truth, the whole truth and cover the news like professional journalists, not like political advocates as they have been.



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Anyone who says "Let us just say that "gutter politics" started with the Willie Horton ad. "....is utterly ignorant of US history. No other way to say it. The '64 election alone ....E Howard Hunt...LBJ...does not get much lower.

Talk to your friend Rabbit, about that. He/she said it started with the Harvard Law professor incident.

nope...she was responding to carson who said "The true scandal is the extent of just far into the gutter politics today has fallen."..catch that "today" part..???

Mr. Earle, you are too hard on yourself. I wouldn't use the term redneck, racist or bigot. Perhaps incredibly uninformed and opinionated. Scandal filled years, I would beg to differ. What you call scandal, I say is business as normal. Doesn't make it right but it does put things into focus. We have had 6 very derisive years, that is to be sure. For whatever reason, President Obama has been the rights whipping boy since day one. Yes, I don't think he was the right person for the time and problems our country faced, never had. However he won by default and was aided by a general backlash against Bush and the GOP. Quiet frankly the the smartest thing that the GOP did was throw the election for Obama, McCain and Palin were a joke at best. American's love having someone to blame and that someone is Obama. Even today the focus on the VA scandal is not fixing the problem but rather fixing the blame. Then we can quietly forget about the issue and be done with it. Same thing with Benghazi, blame and more blame. You went and alluded to Mexico and the BATF, again what really happened that was so scandalous? A criminal killed a Border Patrol Agent with one of the "guns". With the number of guns that are funneled to Mexico, that fact was inconsequential as to where the gun came from. After all how many times do we get bombarded with "Guns don't kill people, people kill people"? Any loss of life is tragic don't get me wrong, but this obsession with holding Obama personally to blame is unwarranted. This moral outrage is only an excuse to leverage tragic loss of lives for political gain. The true scandal is the extent of just far into the gutter politics today has fallen. Don't confuse all these crocodile tears for true emotion - this is partisan politics 2016, nothing else. Ask any Vietnam/Korean Vet about the VA, and if they are shocked. We have been screwing over the Vets since the 1960's at least.

You are right on some points Gcarson. But, lets look back at gutter politics. Where did those gutter politics start? We found out right out of the gate that race would be used for shutting down speech. The Harvard Law professor Incident was the first clue. A President had no business making any statements about that incident till he knew what went down. yet he did, and in fact gave the message that race is okay to use. After that any evaluation of this adminstrations policies were deemed racist. The race card was used constantly. President Obama did not say stop it. Then is was business being the enemy. Joe the Plumber. Then it was War on Women, then it was Gay Rights, and a host of other hate rhetoric directed at anybody that was not a Dem. The divide was like a disease that spread. Then we had how many years of blaming Bush? All this time when the focus was on these issues, our economy, jobs and foreign policy got even more dire. All excused by the left. Nothing needs to be fixed, just more money thrown at failed policies is what is needed. Excuse after excuse. Still now your post excuses every scandal. At what point is President Obama held accountable and judged on his policies? I have the answer, Never. Or maybe not till you suffer the impact of those policies personally, then maybe you will see what is going on.

Let us just say that "gutter politics" started with the Willie Horton ad.

Willie Horton scandal was alive and well long before that AD. Dukakis had a habit of letting murders on furlough. 10 others had escaped furlough by the way. The boy who Horton killed was 17 years old working at a gas station. Gave Horton all the money that was there, Horton and his buddies stabbed him 19 times and stuffed him in a trash bin. Scum is too nice of a word for Horton. The fact that the left wanted to make it all about race is disgusting. Even Al Gore ragged on that idiot Dukakis in the debate about his furlough program for murders. It was about Murders on Furlough. The fact that you do not get that is very telling.

Gutter politics? Richard Nixon, Patrick Buchanan and the Southern Strategy that the Republican party rode to victory in 1968. It kept getting better culminating with Lee Atwater in 1988. Don't forget, folks, that Atwater apologized to the country shortly before he died.

funny...Wallace and Humphrey won the south in '68..fact..look it up

"funny...Wallace and Humphrey won the south in '68..fact..look it up " Thanks for the challenge, GW. I did LOOK IT UP, and here are the results: Humphrey carried Texas and West Virginia (I'll concede WV is a Southern state although it's marginal). Nixon took Kentucky (as Southern as WV), Virginia, both Carolinas, Tennessee and Florida, George Wallace the rest of the former Confederacy. Care to change your facts (as it appears your opinions are proof against change)?

64 LBJ....the winner by far...if you are being honest that is.

Maybe this will get people's dander up and they will come to Washington, ten million strong and remove Obama from office. Oh wait, they tried that didn't they? Too bad it was a damp day, maybe they can come later on a nice day to commit treason and throw out a duly twice elected President.

Resign from office, that's rich. Who says the CM doesn't publish letters from the right. It's just most haven't checked the funny pages for the proper location.

Do you find one point in his letter valid?

Steve...do you really believe that President Obama is "...a narcissistic, incompetent person..." Which of the recent ex-presidents had the equivalent of a law degree from no less than Harvard and could have been editor to the Harvard Law Review?? Which of the recent ex-presidents was offered more than 600 positions with prestigious firms on Wall Street?? Barack Obama accomplished this and without burdening the US taxpayer with his tuition bills (he went into debt to do it). Problem with the US is the National Republican Party, which is bought and paid for by the uver-rich in this country (and abroad). I keep wondering why people like you (presumably a middle class blue collar worker) suck up to the Republicans, when they have done NOTHING FOR you in your lifetime. Go ahead, keep sucking.

Law degree on paper maybe. Nobody can find the transcripts and nobody-and I mean nobody has raised their hand and said I went to school with him.. Someone with a law degree should be acquainted with hard evidence. The allegation that he actually studied law and past bar in the US is unsubstantiated by the evidence.

Ladies and gentlemen, children of all ages! Here before you is an absolute paragon. Of what, you might ask. TCB's post from beginning to end is the summation of the wackadoodle right wing method of dealing with everything they don't like. If I, sitting at my computer, don't see it (climate change, for instance) it doesn't exist. There's a lovely German word for where these folks reside: Wolkenkuckucksheim. Look it up.

Seriously? When will Itsa to jump in with the "Amen, brother."

After Obama's shameful political sppech today at West Point, I am considering it. He should hang his head in shame but his arrogance and narcissism trump the demeanor expected from an American president. The stain on the oval office will take decades to remove.

A foreign policy speech that does not name Korea or Israel is indeed a travesty.

Nonsense. Here's Aaron David Miller to explain it to you: Do we need to be reminded that the president has been the Extricator-in-Chief from the beginning? That his strategic objective has been to get America out of the two longest and among the most profitless wars in its history? Do we need to be told that he is determined to get the United States out of these wars and not get America into new ones? Or that the relationship between means and ends and the relationship between the application of American military power and the end state is open-ended and unclear? Do we need to focus again on the fact that the one area where the president has indeed been prepared to be risk ready -- counterterrorism -- remains his most important goal? Do we need to be told that doing diplomacy with Iran to avoid a U.S. war or an Israeli strike is his most important Middle East goal? Or that he believes he may well be positioned to achieve an agreement that will in fact take him off the nuclear hook by the time he leaves office? Actually, we do. Forget what the punditocracy thinks. On most of this stuff, Obama is on the verge of accomplishing all these goals. These are his priorities, whether we like it or not. And while the public apparently isn't pleased with his policies, they are actually more displeased with those who would have the country do and risk more abroad. http://www.foreignpolicy.com/articles/2014/05/29/obama_s_west_point_speech_is_our_problem_not_his_us_foreign_policy

Aaron David Miller is a diplomat or a majordomo of peace. Diplomacy never works when dealing with extremists like the leaders of Iran or the Palestinians. If we don't flex our muscles, we will see more problems in the world. Your Neville Chamberlain style world view, exposes your willingness to repeat the past. If you can't see that Russia, China, North Korea and Iran are a threat to the world, well you are naive. They are expanding their power and none of them can really be trusted as proven in the past. The answer is not to cut the military but have a nimble military which can be deployed at a moments notice. In the eyes of the world we look weak and this president shows that the rest of the despots in the world can do anything they please. We are a laughing stock in the eyes of Russia and China. They know that Obama is not able or willing to stop anything they might try.

Maybe he is just a seed pod that didn't even exist before 1994 and has no history at all, because he is really from a planet that is trying to save itself by populating earth with narcissistic socialist Muslims.

"offered over 600 positions with prestigious firms on Wall Street", I would like to see proof of that. According to the WSJ, most law students are lucky to get 2 offers. Moreover, in NYC there are 6500 law firms and 55,000 lawyers. On "Wall Street" there are 575 law firms and there are only 50 categorized as "prestigious". It is also well documented that the selection process for the Harvard Law Review was changed that year when he was in charge. As far as degrees from Harvard, Yale, Princeton, there have been several Presidents who have those pieces of paper. Where are the Obama transcripts, my guess is that they are probably South of even the Kerry performance.

Are you serious?? To have the first black president of the Harvard Law Review on their staff...maybe they all weren't on Wall Street, but they were prestigious firms!!

There is no way that "600" firms offered him positions. That is a fantasy, regardless of what anyone says or prints or invents. That an educated person would believe that baloney is stunning. Maybe 6 firms or 16 firms but 600? Someone is telling a huge lie.

Strange you have such a hard time believing that when you have shown yourself quite ready to believe other ridiculous stories about Obama. Did you believe the one about him and Mrs Obama going to flag burnings for enjoyment?

It astounds me now you people so blithely post things that can be so easily fact-checked. Took me 30 seconds. http://www.factcheck.org/2010/02/obama-at-columbia-university/

What does that have to do with "600" job offers?

The media is the problem - they refuse to do their job for which the founding fathers gave them immense privilege.

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