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Letter: History will honor Obama

Historians say that the key to making a democracy work is a well-educated and informed public. After reading Steve Earle’s letter (Monitor, May 27), I fear for the future of country. Barack Obama is an outstanding president and a good and decent man, and historians will credit him as such.



Legacy Comments11 is obvious that you cannot separate FACT from your version of reality, which I call FICTION. Do you really have these opinions, of are you a spokesman for the National Republican Party. Those who study US Presidents, and have ranked them have indicated Carter to be rated in 27th place, while GW Bush is in 34th place, and President Obama is tied for 14th place. While, of course, Republican Warren G. Harding places 43rd (bottom of the list). also are a spokesman for NRP. You ignore that the NRP stated boldly, that they would do EVERYTHING possible to assure President Obama was a one-term President. Now having done what they could, they blame the President for his attempts WHICH THEY WORKED TO OPPOSE and hope that WE won't notice. The NRP has done NOTHING to support the middle class...ever!! They are the party of the 1%, by the 1% and FOR the 1%.

BPR definitely speaks for the right wing side (or I guess there is only one side now) of the NRP but I also think he speaks for the fossil fuel industry (same as the NRP), He loves the Keystone pipeline and seems to be the only one for Northern Pass and of course professes not to believe in man made climate change.

IMHO, You need to raise your standards Cam.

Obama was unlucky enough to become President when it was essentially a losing proposition for reason we all know. These times called for an extraordinary leader like FDR but none stepped forward. You may have a point, but worst, not by a long shot. His Presidency will have 2 footnotes in history regardless. That will be changing healthcare and presiding over the most partisan Congress in modern times. Tough times call for people to work together to address problems. The GOP couldn't even resolve internal bickering, so that folks just made matters worse not all is the fault of Obama.

Sorry G Carson, I disagree. The Reps wanted health care reform, not the ACA which is a mess. We are on the 16th delay now. Seems as though what was in the ACA is just as much a surprise to those who wrote it, as is all the scandals that have arisen. President Obama was elected at a time when things were bad, that is true. What he did when he got in office, pretty much was tell the Reps to sit in the back of the bus, he stated "We are in Charge Now' on numerous occasions. For someone that was a community organizer, he seemed to have lost that talent in regards to bringing folks together. Instead he divided us even more by race, gender, the size of our wallets, political affiliation, and even religion. His policies have failed for the most part. Nobody expected miracles from him, but we did expect competence, honesty and a will to work together. He did not deliver. The latest reports on the economy just out are not good. This does not bode well for us. A great economy benefits everyone, a fact the left seems to forget in favor of pushing their agenda.

Woweee Zoweee RabbitNH, great post, you nailed it. They think that he was "elected twice" so he has a blank check to push whatever agenda he wants and get it all. They ignore the three co-equal branches of government , calling them the "Roberts Court" and "obstructionists". Bottom line is that this is not a time in our history to have a rank amateur, a person with no leadership skills blindly calling the shots from some left wing textbook.

democrat Jimmy Carter know as the worst President EVER now can give a sigh of relief and thanks as he has now been replaced as the worst EVER - that will be the historians designation. Successful Presidents have been the curators of the constitution - NOT despots - that ignore the constitution to remake America into his skewed image. If Obama had grown up in America he would know better. We can undo the destruction the democrats have done but how do we fix an electorate willing to elect someone so absolutely unqualified to be a leader and a president.

A despot seriously. - Despot -a ruler or other person who holds absolute power, typically one who exercises it in a cruel or oppressive way. Now call me idealistic but how do you justify the phrase. Absolute power while being blocked at every turn by radical conservatives, or perhaps exercising power in a cruel and oppressive way. Wrong on every count. Obama is hated by conservatives for forcing changes in our flawed healthcare system. You forgot to say how do we sway voters from voting for what is right as opposed to what some say is more right. Is that something like all people are equal, it's just some are more equal than others?

NObama QUOTE" I have a phone and a pen and I dont need Congress" - any other reading of his lawless usurpation of power like ignoring immigration laws is indeed a tyrant

BestPres has such a distorted view of American history that he assuredly considers James Buchanan the second best president ever.

There were plenty worse than Carter least we forget Richard Nixon who had to resign from office?? jeeze.

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