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Letter: Be proud of Obama

The recent nasty letters about our President Obama are a disgrace to the American public.

President Obama took office with the worst mess in this country’s history, created by the previous Republican administrations. If we take an unsmudged look at how much of that mess he has been able to correct, we will see him to be one of the truly great presidents of our history.

The other side of the coin is the racial prejudice it reveals. Not only the African-American community but the whole American populace should be proud of his achievement. Let us become true Americans and do away with racial prejudice.



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Jim and should know that Itsa, Rabbit, and BPR are as far right as is possible to get. They also have VERY short memories. They forgot that the National Republican Party, on the eve of President Obama being sworn in, (and in the person of Mitch McConnell) PROMISED that the NRP would do everything possible to assure President Obama would be a one-term President. They worked hard at it too; remember when the President sent over bills to help the middle class and unemployed, how John Boehner delcared them DOA?? And, when the ACA was being discussed, they tried EVERY possible trick to kill it?? Then, along came the Tea Party (Patriots??) and introduced dozens of bills to kill the ACA; of course, they failed miserably, and NOW the NRP is trying to soft-pedal the ACA as needing changes to remove the bad aspects which they had insisted were necessary for their support. No, Jim and Richard, just ignore the rantings of Itsa, Rabbit and BPR; they would argue with a book if they wrote it !! are out in left field ..literally. Please check your "facts"...and get back to us...

Did it ever occur to you Walter, that when you have to make excuses for the Man In Charge, that just maybe you are trying to shift blame for his performance? You think anybody that disagrees with you is ranting. Evidently on the left know how to fix anything. And honest person would in fact look at the policies and address the fallout from those policies. But I guess if Big Govt is your need, then I guess it does not matter what harm those policies create. That is what I call tunnel vision.

What you call "excuses" others might call facts. And what you call "facts", more often than not are just a string of cliches formed into a shapeless wad of opinion, sort of like gum left under a table or chair. Case in point: your claim on another thread that over 85% of the wealthy feel they've earned their wealth. That certainly seems plausible--but is so ill-defined to be meaningless. Nor does it mean that it's true.

It was not my claim that I pulled out of thin air Bruce about the studies done on how folks got wealthy. I read about three studies in Forbes Business Week and USA Today. Comparing my opinions to a ward of gum under a table is pretty nasty and demoralizing. You have a very nasty mouth on you. You have a very hard time when folks have a different opinion than yours. I have seen you use demoralizing terms on a lot of the posters here. It is not civil and it makes you appear to be crude and rude. So much for civil rhetoric. All you do is make excuses for the performance of this President. For some reason you are under the impression that he is doing a terrific job. That's fine, but I suggest you be a little more civil. I know your party sent out the message to be nasty to those that disagree with you, but after a while it gets pretty old.

It seems to me that would be a very hard fact to prove. What do you call self wealth? If your father was the governor of a state but didn't leave you a ton of money, and your father was a janitor and you both got wealthy, would you actually say that both started from the same starting point?

OK tillie, so Ma and Pa Kettle work their fingers to the bone and they have three kids. They scrimped and saved everything and their home is now worth $800,000 and they saved $2 Million dollars over their 50 years of work. They leave each child 1/3 of their hard earned wealth. That is unfair? How? The grandchildren will be at a better starting point than the grandchildren of the janitor, so what? You think that they should surrender all assets when they die and have them split up between 300 million people? What is your point?

The point is, even though I know you will never understand it is, that the children of Ma Kettle will say they are self made millionaires even though they started life out with a million dollars each. There is no comparison that they won't have a much easier life than the life of the janitor's kids. Lets say the Kettle's kid wants to start a widget factory and goes to the bank for a loan and has a million dollars in the bank while the janitor's kid has to use his brains to start the factory. But the rich kid will say " I am a self made billionaire. I feel I am explaining this to an 6th grader. To you everything comes down to socialism, and you can't think pass that point.

It wasn't a study on"how folks got wealthy". They were asked whether they felt they deserved their wealth. What else would anyone expect them to say?

Please enlighten us as to why people should not be able to "earn" through their ambition, hard work and perserverance as much as they want to? Bruce, would you have limits on what one could make?

RabbitNH, I read all three studies and they are solid. Nothing will raise anyone's economic standing as much as a good job with a good private sector company, uninhibited by government interference. Yes, we need regulations but not thousands. As for civility, you will not get if from the poster in question. An "educator", one has to wonder if anyone is aware of what is preached in the classroom. I would venture a guess would be rosy review of Obama, globull warming, income inequality, etc. Like 5th graders need to be exposed to those negative propaganda stereotypes. You are correct that no matter his performance, Obama has his protectors run to defend him. Hold on, November will signify a course correction. We will see starts with the cliches like a wad of gum under the table.

Walter if anyone wanted him to fail or serve one term it is because of his policies. The ACA is a piece of garbage rammed through, that is why Republicans wanted it defeated. Obama has had 6 years to deal with the economy, by the way. He has failed miserably.

"It is the middle ground between light and shadow, between science and superstition, and it lies between the pit of man's fears and the summit of his knowledge. This is the dimension of imagination. It is an area which we call the ItsaRabbitPBR Zone. " My apologies Rod Serling. Come back to the light......

"It is the middle ground between fantasy and ideology, between agenda and control of man and it lies between the failure of the press to report the truth and the suppression of reality. This is the dimension of absolutism. It is an area which we call the Brucartillgsec Zone. I doubt Rod Serling would view the demeanor and attitudes of some citizen among us (progressives) as little more than a far fetched episode of the Twilight Zone. A fantasy turned reality where freedom and liberty will be replaced by the beliefs and feelings of man, a place where control of people is more important than happiness, life, liberty.

A fair-minded reader of the respective posts should easily be able to discern which posts are grounded in fantasy and which in reality. From climate science to income inequality, voting rights, military history and foreign affairs, creationism and evolution, education and Common Core, the factually challenged make themselves known on here daily.

And those who constantly use propaganda and slanted facts based on statistical data which has been manipuated make themselves known on here daily.

IMHO I am a fair-minded reader and I am able to easily discern Bruce and Tillie to be in fantasy land.

0h, yeah.

I always pride myself on being in the Zone G Carson.

" President Obama took office with the worst mess in this country’s history . . . " - that statement is flat-out incorrect. Untrue. A lie. "Not only the African-American community but the whole American populace should be proud of his achievement." - I was. On Jan. 20th, 2009. When he was sworn in as the first African American president in this country's history(unless you count Bill Clinton.) But on June 7th, 2014 . . . meh, not so proud. And what's with all this "race" talk anyway? Don't you guys know that Obama - being bi-racial - is just as much our "next white President" as he is our "first Black President?"

Guess you never heard of the "one drop rule".

Re: "the worst mess in this country's history...." It's an exaggeration, but not "flat out incorrect." The Great Recession under Bush2 was the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression. And if Republicans had had their way and followed "austerity" economics, they likely would have made thing far worse. The stimulus worked, even though it was too small. Compare our economic performance in 2010--2011 to those European countries that followed the austerity model.

You can't be serious! Proud of an incompetent Marxist? The good news is he is not a competent Marxist.

Obama is a reserved person, which gives some people the idea that he is arrogant. I believe he feels deeply the loss of every soldier that dies under his watch .He was elected to end these unwinnable wars and he is doing it. I saw his pain when he went to Newtown. The Republicans have never been able to get a whiff of scandal in his personal life and I am sure they have tried. .

Oh my god, you really believe that syrup. He has icewater in his veins, he is ruthless and arrogant. He feels no loss unless someone challenges him and then he is being "obstructed". We want a leader, not a demagogue, if he did anything I approve of, I would say kind words but he has lied, connived, been sneaky, non-transparent, broken his word and shredded the constitution. He is arrogant and shameful. Reserved? He was a community activist? He speeches sound like Castro versus a true American statesman.

Once again Itsa demonstrates no understanding of the difference between fact and opinion. Tillie writes very clearly "I believe," and Itsa follows up with declarations about the president's character that we are expected to accept as fact. Itsa - you would get ALOT further with people if you would just acknowledge publicly that your opinions are opinions. It's easy - just say "In my opinion." or "I believe." Or abreviate it - IMO. It's not hard!

Lets be honest here FOF. Whatever BPR, Itsa and even what I post here has nothing to do with the words we use. You lefties just like playing the word game, like using any other words would make a difference in how you respond to those you disagree with. If someone states a fact, you have the option of proving them wrong. yet many times, you do not. Bruce will state, your throwing that word around all the time, etc. Yet he does the same thing. So what are we to think? You change the debate with assumptions, accusations and word games. And you change what the issue is. The issue with the soldier being released is not about if he should have been released. It is about the deal that was made. The issue with anything is taking to the extreme by the left. That is deliberate to get the debate changed, and off what was done. No different than shutting down speech by name calling. Talk facts, then make your argument pro or con. That is honest and gives the message that your opinions are based on reality, not playing games. But if you have to keep making excuses for failed policies, then I guess you would have to resort to using tactics. That is how most of us see the left. And the more scandals we have, the more tactics and excuses we see. All those scandals cannot be witch hunts. There is incompetence there that the left refuse to acknowledge, but instead make excuses for. Every President should be evaluated by the folks who have voted him in for the good of all. Your not doing that. You basically play politics.

I had addressed the prisoner swap deal under the "split ticket" column. As for the issue at hand (facts vs. opinions) the problem is, people are NOT stating facts, they are stating opinions. This is NOT word games, and I suspect you are using this "word game" defense as a way to get out of taking responsibility for your OPINIONS. It does make a difference to me when people clearly say "In my opinion," or "I believe," or "I think," or "it seems to me..." State it as an opinion and I'll likely let it go. State an opinion as fact and I won't. "Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but they are not entitled to their own facts. " ~ Daniel Patrick Moynihan

Actually FOF I do take responsibility for my posts. I would never state something unless I can back it up. When I do, the name calling squad rears it's ugly head. The issues are thrown away and the games begin. That is what the left do. They wordplay, attack, use race and a host of other tactics to change the discussion. I put a lot in my posts, yet you focus on fact or opinion. Is that not wordplay? Bruce is a pro at it. If you question climate change, that automatically means you denyy it. If you want programs reformed, the lefties take it you want those programs gone. That is how I see the left these days. Basically they promote their agenda and refuse to see what their agenda has resulted in. Instead they use excuses, blame other Presidents, and pretty much demean anybody that want things fixed. Instead they promote throwing more money at failed programs as opposed to fixing those programs. Lefties give lip service to fixing the programs they promote. In fact they want more govt programs. Which in my opinon, shows how blind they are to how govt operates and are willing to destroy the economy to promote socialism. Just my take. Basically the left want socialism, Everybody the same. There is a reason they name our new educational experiment Common Core and use words like fair share and inequality. We should all be the same.

Rabbit how can you "never" do something but when you do the name calling squad starts. When it come to the blame game, I see you, BPR and the rest of the righties blame Obama for EVERYTHING1 Name one thing you give him credit for. I mean in 6 years he must have done one thing right.

I am against the policies that President Obama has promoted. Mostly in regards to economics, foreign policies and how he communicates with those that disagree with him. I have no doubt that he is a good father and husband, but I question his leadership and feel the job of President is too big for him. By that I mean he has delegated too much of it to folks who do not know what they are doing. As far as Bush goes. I give him credit for what he has done for AIDS and the fact that he kept us safe after 9/11. I was not in agreement with his foreign policy either. I believe that the US should not be the world police unless the situation poses a threat to us. You folks blamed Bush for everything. Still are. My evaluation of President Obama is based on his performance and what his agenda will mean for future generations and what the cost of that agenda will mean down the road. You and your party do not want to judge this President's performance honestly. Your agenda driven I feel and you have no problem with the fall out from that agenda. Just my take.

I understand I talking out of turn here but I can't help responding to the "one thing Obama has done right". IMO the one thing he's done right: He's black...we got our first black president. Not that he can really take credit for that but there it is...Thanks Obama. Other than that, he's sneaky, lying, conniving, and a poor leader. Very sad...I had originally bought into the hope and change he promised. I've seen plenty of change but lost hope.

I don't believe you ever bought into any "hope and change". You sound like a dyed in the wool teapartier and never voted anything but Republican. No one could change their attitude that much.

Sure they can...I also used to think abortion was not murder - I thought, as many other women still think, "How could it be? Our government would never permit it to be legal if it were murder"....then I grew up, turned off ENews and started watching and reading real news. I now know better.

Say what? "Whatever BPR, Itsa and even I post here has nothing to do with the words we use."

Lied: "If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor. Connived: The way he and Pelosi and Reid passed Obamacare. Sneaky: "The first I heard of this it was on the news". Non-Transparent: "If we do healthcare reform it will be transparent in the light of day and hearings will be televised on c-span". Broke his word: Public financing promise when he ran against McCain. Just a few "facts"

I agree with Mr. Ash & Mr. Frye. President Obama has been an exemplary leader & role model. By far, his tone, demeanor, comprehension & tact have been a stunning a & welcome contrast to that of President George "the decider" W Bush. Weren't we all embarrassed when he tried to give Angela Merkel a neck rub? Or when the Swedish Ambassador's use of English grammar was superior to our own president? History will be the final judge, of course. I believe that President Obama's legacy will be defined as much by his achievements as it will be by the obstacles against him: The obstructive Republican party, now known as the worst congress in modern history.

I guess that the Obama selfie with another diplomat was pretty embarrasing. I also think that Navy "corpse men" everywhere may have questioned his understanding of English.

This Democrat prattle on and on about how well Barack Obama has done with the economy,.... Things are getting better, but the economy the President started with was so awful, so he’s done as well as anyone could expect.” When Ronald Reagan took over from Jimmy Carter in ’81, things were actually worse : Unemployment was at 10.8% versus 7.7%- Inflation (Consumer Price Index) was at 13.5% versus 2.7%- Interest rates (prime rate) was at 21.5% versus 3.25%In other words, Reagan inherited a bigger mess. Yet, go to this chart of job growth and tell us how things compare.

I don't know if it is an obsession or infatuation with Reagan but you should seriously have it looked into. It is not healthy.

President Obama is indeed the right person for these tumultuous times, keeping a steady hand on the tiller despite all the frightening crises that have erupted at home and abroad. The broad spectrum of American people recognized his skillful leadership and the fine example he and his family set for dignity and humanity. His election to a second term proves the public understanding of his competence. This country desperately needs an opposition political party that can provide constructive ideas and willingness to cooperate on vital issues. Instead, the current version of the Republican party has thrown every roadblock it could in the way of sensible legislation.

All incorrect. A steady hand? How about any hand and what about understanding the dynamics of the world. He has no leadership ability much less what I would call leadership grounded in "skill". The fine example he and his family has set for dignity and humanity....LOL. The curent Republican party has stopped him for further eroding our freedoms and from further trashing our Constitution.

Would you care to elaborate how, exactly, Obama has "eroded [your] freedoms" and "[trashed] the Constitution"?

Let's look at his executive orders, particularly in the area of immigration like unilaterally imposing the Dream Act. He regularly signs executive orders and fails to enforce existing laws like immigration laws. He recently took executive action with the EPA to in essence impose cap and trade. I could go on but you are not really interested in freedom or the Constitution so what is the difference.

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