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Letter: Wind and hot air

Open letter to all the green/renewable energy folks out there:

Please give me a break with all your expensive, inefficient windmills and solar panels, I can’t afford them. And stop telling me it’s free energy. It’s not, never will be.

Most of you are as uninformed about what works and what doesn’t, from a cost-effective point of view, as our family dog. If the hype sounds good, you jump on board and pat yourselves on the back thinking you are saving the world. Nonsense.

Plastic is filling the oceans, trash and rubbish on land fills our incinerators, all in spite of your best efforts at recycling.

The Chinese are burning coal at prodigious rates, the Middle East is being torn apart in religious feuds raising the cost of oil and you Goody Two-shoes can’t get past your windmills and solar panels. Darn!

How about a clue? Let’s take all the dirty diapers, lawn clippings, toxic waste, medical waste, rubbish and trash, and put it in a machine that makes them just go away. Just gone. No smoke, no pollution, no smell and as a bonus creates a third more energy than it uses all while turning a profit for the disposal company that runs the thing.

Wouldn’t that be great?

Well the good news is these exist. They are proven up-and-running, working machines.

So now you can stop with the windmill nonsense, okay?



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Steve...where can I get whatever you've been smoking??

I am willing to bet not one of the LIDV's that comment here own either solar panels or a windmill

it is obvious the below posters to this article are executive members of the LIDV's

Obviously, LIDVs are an exceptionally thoughtful, well educated group of progressive thinkers !! Thanks for pointing that out.

Oh, I thought the headline was referring to the resident progressives posting here.

Where can I get one, and at what cost?

Don't get your hopes up, John. I think there's something in the drinking water in Hill.

you meant that as an insult....right?

I think he is talking about waste to energy plants.

This letter is just another example of someone we should not be paying too much attention to. Because those "goody two-shoe" folks are the one's who are not only able to see the real costs of maintaining our status quo, but are actually acting as any adults should and do whatever they can to make the world a better place to live.

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