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Letter: The lapdog press

Independence Day is celebrated each year as a victory over tyrannical governance. Those who sacrificed their lives, fortune and sacred honor for freedom would be very disappointed with the free press today.

The Founders expected the free press to be a watchdog guarding against oppressive governance. They would be appalled to know that the free press has turned into a lapdog when the party of big government is in power and an attack dog when they aren’t.

I believe the free press should always be a watchdog, regardless of the party in power. Recent possible headlines like the following should be front-page news and not swept under the rug like most news outlets do.

“Quinnipiac Poll: Obama the worst president since WWII.”

“Whistleblower exposes that the VA neglected care to focus on Obamacare promotion.”

“More than half a million full-time jobs lost in June. Media hyped job gains were all part-time jobs proving that it is more important to show quantity over quality.”

“Poll shows that by a 3-1 margin people believe IRS e-mails were intentionally destroyed.”

“Hillary out of touch with middle class with ‘dead broke’ comments.”

“Doctors and nurses are threatened to be imprisoned for exposing health conditions of illegal immigrants being warehoused at the border.”

You know things aren’t right. Expect more from your media.



Legacy Comments20

The lapdog press is so puffed up with themselves and love of everything progressive that the "lapdog" needs "lapband" surgery.

Uh Oh, guess we know now who Van/Sail/BPR is. So much originality of thought. Never heard any of this before. Just loves those polls when they reflect his beliefs but true facts, not so much.

another comment from the executive board of the LIDV's

Hey head LIDV-go read what The New Republic had to say about the Quinnipiac Poll.

Hey thanks for the promotion. Coming from the President of the Misinformed Republican Voters I am very impressed.

LOL, Van emailed me today, Van if you read this, you were right!

tillie . . . they're not the same person. Believe me, I know.

Too bad, one of them is hard enough to take.

Obviously, Van is writing about the entertainers with names of Fox News, Rush, Glenn, Bill, and a few others. Trouble with these entertainers is that they always talk loud and repeat themselves until their misstatements are taken as factual. Too bad, Van, but you need a new source. Try NH Public Radio, you can hear more correct news. Go check this page out:

No, NPR broadcasts politically correct news. The perfectly e-nun-ciated, soft talkers are shills for the White House. Selected Things Considered, Front Propaganda Porch, the so called "cool" jazz and pretentious analysis is not "news", it is propaganda. Wait, wait, we won't tell you (the truth).

Typical sophomoric response. Too bad you see NPR through cloudy glasses, otherwise you could actually learning something!

Morning Edition is pat White House talking points. Never a criticism of Obama yet under Bush it was always negative. The Diane Rehm show is definitely from one political perspective. The show no diversity based on the makeup of the American public, instead relying on the spoon fed news coming out of DC. Let's not forget the unfair Juan Williams termination, Andrei Cordescu, Ron Schiller, Vivian Schiller, Nina Totenberg and her comments about Jesse Helms and AIDS. I could go on. It is biased and you complain about FOX

The only problem is people today aren't really interested in the truth or factual reporting, they want to hear what backs up their beliefs. Why do you think there are so many so called news blogs that are popular. It is no longer about the news, A perfect example of this is echoed by your own letter. Your three examples are not news they are opinion and are well covered by the extremist bloggers. Opinion and innuendo are not news, they are tabloid fodder. Nice idea though.

time for you to read real news - Van is 100% Factually correct in all his examples - nice try

1st Quarter GDP dropped a historical 2.9% and not a word in this rag. What is cute is that the LIDV's that read liberal rags are spouting that it was the weather - Well folks Canada expanded 1.6% in the same quarter with the same weather - If you believe the stuff from a liberal rag you remain a LIDV.

And Canada is a socialized country too! Oh my.

Yes, socialized medicine with 10 month waits for Cancer surgery. My hope is that Obamacare is successful or even more successful than other socialized health care programs and that a few progressives can experience those looonnnnnng waiting periods.

Why do you constantly put out information and never give any stats as to where you get it from?

because liberals are too lazy to read real news

Again, my hope is that progressives are victims of their own stupidity and ideology.

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