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Letter: What Democrats believe

In response to Tom Kamberis’s letter “What Republicans believe” (Monitor, July 6):

Democrats believe they should decide the nation’s gun laws even most gun laws passed by Democrats have failed, and they believe that pushing an agenda like “war on women” is reality.

Democrats believe that business is a charity, that hard-working folks who took risks are greedy and need to give more to people who did not take those risks.

Democrats declare that the “debate is over” and “science is settled,” dismissing any information that challenges global warming.

Democrats believe that business is evil, failing to realize that a healthy private sector is good for everyone.

Democrats hate corporations, trashing them at every opportunity.

Democrats believe religion is silly, worshiping the state and deriding people of faith.

Democrats believe in asking questions and finding reasons not to act.

Democrats believe that reaching across the aisle only applies to Republicans.

Democrats believe that Obama should get everything he wants and care less about the three co-equal branches of government.

Democrats believe no one should be able to carry weapons except criminals.

Democrats believe we should go bankrupt on social spending and have a weak military.

Democrats believe millions of illegals should be granted amnesty in order to build their voter base and centralize power in their party.

Democrats believe that class envy is the best tool to divide this nation.

And that’s just a start!



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