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Letter: They are refugees

Funny that we don’t call Iraqi people gone to Turkey or Syrian people gone to neighboring countries “migrants.”

We call these desperate people refugees.

Refugees coming through Mexico from Central America are from Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador – countries we destabilized.

Destabilizing happened with President Ronald Reagan’s Central America warring. It came further with NAFTA, signed by President Bill Clinton, because the wealthy’s power increased while the poor and the farmers lost out. More recently, the U.S. supported the coup against President Manuel Zelaya in Honduras. We have refugees coming to the U.S. border with Mexico.

The refugees we speak of now are not coming from Nicaragua because President Daniel Ortega has succeeded in being a president for the people and instituting reforms.

President Obama is as bad as a climate-change denier when he labels these people “migrants.”

I’ve written this, too, to Gov. Rick Perry and his compassionate wife, Anita. I ask them to see the human face of this tragedy and to help Obama see it, too. If Turkey can take in fleeing refugees, surely the wealthiest nation in the world can manage to do the same.



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1 thing blows the liberal progressive socialist democrat party leaders premise to the moon..... The increase in migration just happened the last few months upon the pen on NObama. Liberals .....sheeeeesh

No, they are illegal aliens emboldened to be smuggled here by gangsters because of Barack Obama's failure at immigration; failure to enforce existing laws, secure the border and his unilateral decision on the dream act. There are many "desperate" people in the world, that does not mean that we ought to invite them all here and overload our system.

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