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Letter: ‘Lowest of the low’

Your editorial cartoon denigrating the Tea Party was the lowest of the low (Monitor Opinion, June 17).

The Tea Party is working hard to try to save this country from a dictator who only wants to destroy it by overwhelming the system.

It’s obvious you are a left leaning, non-journalistic publication, but when you blatantly attack people because they don’t believe that King Obama is the messiah, you have groveled in the dirt and crawled in the gutter.

Isn’t it time you printed the real truth about what happened in Benghazi, the IRS, the illegal hundreds of thousands of children crossing our border and all the other many scandals that are owned by this administration?

Tell the truth?

Why on earth would you do that?



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The Tea Party is a grass roots center right movement that is not trying to impose some untried utopia like the leftist liberal progressive socialist democrat party. The middle of American politics is clearly occupied by the Responsible Republicans and they will restore the lost heritage of a self reliant citizenry with a small govt America that has been eroded, undermined, or just plain sold out by the progressive liberal socialist democrats. Not once in the 5+ years of democrat edict has the public EVER said the country is even close to going in the right direction. You can keep you 37% approval of the direction of the country or vote to return it to its days of glory.

Bedford. Probably wrote this while driving her Escalade to yoga in bumper-to-bumper traffic on route 101.

Yikes, this is some one who needs to take a break from Rush, Hannity and Fox for a while. But it is best to do it slowly just like with all addictions or you will have withdrawal symptoms.

Agreed. Slow withdrawal. But, I wonder where she got whatever she was on?

Whoa, we have a dictator! Where was I when Obama was overthrown? Because the last two elections clearly indicated that more people supported our President than the opposition. Not everyone may approve of him but you know that's their right. You see a dictator would have no problem dealing with Congress and wouldn't have to worry about asking them to do their job. So clearly, you have no idea of what a dictator is. I am willing to bet that to you a dictator is someone that disagrees with your fascist leaning idea's. For you and the rest of the white power TP'ers, that clearly believe that only you know what is best for the rest of us and its your job to make sure we are governed accordingly. That's not democracy, that is Fascism my under educated, mislead friend.

my under educated, mislead friend. ??????? If I didnt know better, I'd say that was a direct insult to the letter writer...as are all the other comments here...I thought that was against Monitor policy...it is ..isnt it?

On the contrary that was veiled sarcasm. The "my friend" should have given it away. If it were a personal attack there would be no question. Trust me, the moderator has a quick "delete" finger when I go over the edge. I don't have a problem with conservatives, I do have a problem with stupidity. Frankly you want to make a statement of fact based on nothing more than I read it on the internet, then I will be more than happy to point out the weakness of those claims.

Strange how some people feel a letter writer has been insulted when the whole letter is an insult to the President and to people that don't think like she does.

Read it here http://www.concordmonitor.com/discussion-faq............read this statement as many times as it takes to understand it, or as Walter has stated many times...have a grammar school kid explain it to you.."But we won't tolerate name-calling, insults, ad hominen attacks or mocking other writers. Disagree agreeably. A good rule of thumb: When you're disagreeing with another commenter or letter writer, focus on the substance of the argument, not the person. Comments that criticize a person's motives or character don't further the discussion."

didnt you know that only applies to conservatives

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