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Letter: Concerns about Ardinger

Let’s not forget that Kass Ardinger has been on the Concord School Board since 2006 and was involved in the under-the-table purchasing of houses in the Kimball Block to ensure that the elementary school would stay downtown.

Historic properties were demolished so Christa McAuliffe Elementary could be erected.

It would seem that Ardinger is Sylvia Larsen’s handpicked successor. I would like to point out that Larsen refused to come out against the Northern Pass project, which makes one wonder about Ardinger’s views on the subject.

She certainly didn’t show much concern about Concord’s past. Perhaps she won’t feel the need to protect New Hampshire’s future either.



Legacy Comments3

Wow! First Jane Hunt suggests that Sister Mary Rose Reddy ought to butt out, and now this Kellerman person slams Our Lady Kass, Chosen One of Sylvia: A very bad day indeed for the holy ladies!

Kass was great as superintendent. It was the perfect job for her and she did it well. I don't think she's right for this new position however.

About time that someone wrote a letter about Ardinger and her handling of Concord's historic houses being demolished. I don't know what right Sylvia Larsen has in handpicking any successor. Being on a school board doesn't make Ardinger qualified to be a state senator. I'm for Feltes all the way.

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