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Letter: Alligator alley?

Here is a little hint for New Hampshire’s small but persistent group of climate change deniers.

If our weather remains as tropical as it has been for several weeks, we had better start keeping our eyes peeled for alligators and even piranhas showing up in our major rivers and lakes.

Animal species tend to expand their territories when the climate suits them.



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I'm less frightened by the prospect of alligators and piranhas in our waterways than the isty-bitsy larvae of Aedes aegypti.

It has not warmed in 17 years 10 months. HEADLINE: "Faulty and False Global Temperature Readings" global warming alarmists claim that the Earth is warming or that this was the hottest (year, month) ever, they are totaling up readings from rather simplistic, low-budget, small, automated weather stations scattered around the nation and the world. But about 90% of those weather stations violate the officially-published standards required for accurate measurements. NOAA closed 600 HOT weather stations. This news come from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, which used data from 114 U.S. weather stations considered to produce the most accurate temperature readings. The data say the country has cooled 0.7 degree Fahrenheit in the past decade. With satellite data showing no global warming for 17 years and 10 months, and even the United Nation’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) acknowledging a “pause” in rising temperatures, it’s time to stop talking about a climate change problem. THE HOAX IS UP. What is scarier is that these LIDV folks vote.

It isn't so much what people don't know as what they know that isn't true. Once again the lie - no, it's not a mistaken opinion; it's a lie - about no warming for over 17 years. How about a fact? NOAA reports June, 2014, to be the hottest June since 1880, and May broke the previous record set in 2010. Anticipating BestPres' lie about insignificant ocean warming, also from NOAA: "...the June global sea surface temperature was 1.15°F (0.64°C) above the 20th century average of 61.5°F (16.4°C), the highest for June on record. This also surpasses the previous all-time record...."

Using the old network, NOAA says the USA Average Temperature for July 2012 is: 77.6°F...... Using the NOAA USCRN data, the USA Average Temperature for July 2012 is: 75.5°F.......The difference between the old problematic network and new USCRN is 2.1°F cooler...... Ya just got to love the LIDV and their massive ignorance spouted every day

Sure, BPR....more smoke...perhaps you should read the headline that NOAA just announced June 2014 was the HOTTEST June since 1880.. Yep, no global warming in....20 days??? ROTFLMAO !!

Any Reader interested in reading real science and not the alarmist propaganda the above two get from some blog can go here to see and read real data and analysis. : If you want to read about recent antics of the alarmists and their data then you are at least not an LIDV ...see don't forget to read the 200 page report attached.

"Some blog" is the NOAA website. I should have checked with Hannity, I guess. As for July, persons who deal with CLIMATE, not just weather, know that not every month follows the same course. May, yes; June, yes; July (as yet incomplete data), no. That proves it: the long-term trend is no.

When a liberal is presented with the newest data that disagrees with his hoax then it may be Malice to push the hoax further or it could be Incompetence for which he is famous..... or maybe it is both = Malcompetence. For a LIDV not to know that 90% of weather stations have been found to be out of compliance is indeed malcompetence.

Your claim regarding noncompliance of temperature stations is a red herring. The simple fact is that surface temp. data is reliable, and accurate. Anthony Watts was himself co-author of a study which found that temp. biases cancelled out. The paper confirms a warming trend for both 115 year and 30 year trends in the U.S., and “all groups of stations showing warming trends over those periods.”

Laugh of the week from BPR/Sail: describing WUWT as "real science". It's also the height of irony that the one poster on here who singlehandedly spreads more manure than any other, is also the one who incessantly labels those who correct his errors of fact, or disagree with his spin, as "low information voters". Besides being the alpha Carp Per Diem poster, BPR/Sail might also be called The Mis-Informed Republican Voter:MIRV. I invite posters to come up with their their own variations on this theme for an acronym; this one gives BPR/Sail another on-line pseudonym to hide behind: one that is aptly descriptive: MIRV Carper.

The 200 page report referenced on the non-compliance of the weather stations is as good as gospel - for Brucie to do his usual malice of the author and data is his usual screed. Brucie cant fight the facts.When a liberal is presented with the newest data that disagrees with his hoax then it may be Malice to push the hoax further or it could be Incompetence for which he is famous..... or maybe it is both = Malcompetence. For a LIDV not to know that 90% of weather stations have been found to be out of compliance is indeed malcompetence.

Again Brucie cant debate the facts so he pours on the smear tactic - Must be absolutely awful to be a liberal

For those that don't want to remain forever a LIDV read this ...

what was it this winter...-22F?? Yeah, alligators do well in that tropical heat

Ah, Seldon - the climate is constantly changing and cycling. Has long before H.Sapien labeled himself as such. Many fluctuations far more dramatic than current. do we leave a footprint, of course. all species do but last I read livestock flatulence was also considered a significant environmental factor. Think the planet would be better off w/o all humans. Whales are great but have not produced an single environmental improving technology (humans have) and whales STILL defecate in the oceans every day.

Not quite. Your statement that "climate is constantly changing" is misleading and inaccurate. For most of the time since the end of the last glaciation,the planet's climate has been very amenable to the human species, and the rise of civilization. We've gone from Stone Age to Space Age in about 10,000 year--a relative blink of an eye in Earth's history. Now we are adding CO2 to the atmosphere at a rate and to a level not seen in millions of years. We're tinkering with the planet's thermostat--CO2, which is quite likely to lead to serious climate change far faster than we've experienced in recorded history.

Walter says that CO2 increase has been 80 parts per 1,000,000 since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution - Run for the HILLS - the sky is falling - build your ark

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