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Letter: Free Staters part of the New Hampshire tradition

Regarding Matt Murray’s opinion piece titled “Don’t fall into trap set by Free Staters” (Monitor Forum, July 19), as any educated New Hampshire native would know, in their advocacy for limited and non-intrusive government, Free Staters are doing no more than espousing and acting upon the same ideas having to do with freedom and liberty as Josiah Bartlett, William Whipple, Matthew Thornton, John Langdon, John Stark and so many other New Hampshire Revolutionary War heroes.

That in this day and age, Murray would find these ideas foreign says all that needs to be said about America’s left and its own plans for New Hampshire’s future.

Free State advocacy on behalf of individual freedom and liberty is benign in comparison to that of the 400 men who, after having been warned by Paul Revere that the British were coming to seize powder and arms stored at Fort William and Mary in New Castle, gathered there on December 14, 1774, to capture the fort, remove its military stores and then hide them throughout the countryside.

A bit over a year later, in January 1776, New Hampshire declared its independence from Great Britain – six months before the signing of the American Declaration of Independence.

New Hampshire has a proud and profound history with regard to advocating and acting on behalf of principles having to do with freedom and liberty. Free Staters have embraced our history. We should be happy that they’re here because they find New Hampshire still worthy of love and effort.



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