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Letter: ISIL is coming

Is ISIL on the way to America? If you think it is not going to happen under the current administration, you had better wake up.

Our borders are wide open and who knows, the ISIL militants might already be in this country.

The facts are the U.N. is useless, our president is not qualified to be our leader, and the Senate and the House are an inept bunch of useless windbags.

This government is a threat to our national security. For the safety of all Americans, you had better let your representatives know to do their jobs or be accountable if and when Americans are harmed. Let’s take back America.



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This letter is a reflection of the paranoid world view that justifies the same kind of "thinking" that fanatical extremists engage in: we're surrounded by infidels and savages; almost no one can be trusted; therefore, strike out blindly from fear and terror against all those who are suspect. Is ISIS blowback for our folly in Iraq? The weakening of the Iraqi state--the result of our hubris in thinking the invasion would be a "cakewalk", has allowed non-state actors to flourish in the vacuum created by all our mis-steps, just as Bin Laden and Al Qaeda flourished in the failed state of Afghanistan after the Taliban took over. Writer Patrick Coburn makes a compelling and straightforward case here, without any of the dark, paranoid conspiracies racing around the right wing blogosphere.

Pfft...just the JV team..BTW..what does "ISIS" mean anyway???

I would say 'sub-human' is more like it. I does illustrate that education is no substitute for engrained fanatical (72 virgin style), 12th century, unreformed religious belief. No Bruce, it is not OUR FAULT but as usual you suggest that as you blame everything on the United States. IN your copy and paste exercise I think you mean Patrick Cockburn, nor "Coburn". Anyone can search for opinions which support their own..........but nice try. Copy and paste, copy and paste, copy and paste with no real understanding of the issue.

What a difference a week makes huh...what did Chuck Hagel say about ISIS?

The evil of ISIL seems to be a concept that many cannot grasp or refuse to believe exists. Even other terrorist groups believe ISIL has no morals and is more evil than they are as terrorists. We cannot afford to ignore and then react when we have yet another evil act done by ISIL. It will be too late then. America's security is at risk here. They are spreading their evil and have no fear they will be stopped. The only thing that is more dangerous than a terrorist, is a terrorist who thinks he can do what he wants with no fear of being stopped.

Yeah, lets all live in fear. What is with you right wingers? The millennium comes and you run to bunkers.

Good letter Don. Somebody gets it. The rest living in the la la land bubble soon will, as Isis has America in it's gun sights. Fascinating how history repeats itself and evil has the same face, just a different time period. We dragged our feet when Hitler was stomping over Europe and we were asleep when Pearl Harbor was attacked and we got jolted from our stupor and rose to the challenge. We are still asleep but the wake up call is coming and it is not going to be good. What really keeps me up at night, is the concern, that our present leadership in Washington, just does not have the will and courage to meet this threat.

This may be a little of subject, but then again maybe not, but Fergus Cullen wrote a very interesting editorial for the Union Leader. Maybe the "weeds" he was referring to are people who write letters like this.

That’s nothing! China and Russia are selling nukes to ISIL and John Boehner has made a secret pact to sell the Bay Area to ISIL as its new Thermonuclear Proving Ground!!! Who knows?!? This is for sure: We have one more addition to the FBI/Secret Service crazies watchlist.

OK barrister, make fun all that you want but after you posted this Chuck Hagel warned that they are coming here and perhaps over the border that Obama refuses to seal. When something does happen you can start ambulance chasing the victims. You will have a field day!!

Step 1: Acquire boat Step 2: Pilot boat to America Step 3: Raise ISIL flag over WhiteHouse Easy.


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