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Letter: Don’t let Free Staters fool you

‘The lady doth protest too much, methinks.”

On Aug. 12, the Monitor gave Free State President Carla Gericke space to write about her organization’s goals and objectives that most New Hampshire people would support (Monitor Forum, Aug. 12).

But I read her “My Turn” piece as an effort to distract voters in the coming elections in which a number of Free Staters seek election to our Legislature.

People intrigued by this group’s effort to bring 20,000 “believers” to New Hampshire should turn to the N.H. Free State Forum on the internet and read some of its “General FSP Discussion” and the “Friendly Forum” conversations to gain more – and perhaps a different – insight into the abiding concerns, interests and ambitions of many of its current and potential members.

Gericke assures us the organization “has never supported secession” from the United States, an outcome Free State founder Jason Sorens’s original essay contemplated.

But her caveat that “the organization takes no stand on this issue” is hardly a disavowal of such an outcome. Be sure you really know the candidates when you cast your vote in our primary and general elections this fall.



Legacy Comments8

The objection I have with the Free State Project is that they are not honest. They lie about their affiliation (Republican or Democrat) and run an election based on personal greedy principals-only voting as what they personally believe, which is a farce in the face of constituents. There are some philosophical beliefs that I may agree with, such as deregulation, and more "freedom" toward medical marijuana laws that would help people with diseases that the US CDC has failed at . But these Extremists are more about their own selfish efforts toward "Cop Block" , ending public education, "Sovereign Citizenship" and anarchy. These types of philosophies are a threat against women and children. "Free Staters" are pro-gun and shun laws toward gun legislation and gun control. Abby Hernandez was kidnapped by a Libertarian who used this excuse to kidnap and sexually abuse a minor for "His Rights" as a sovereign citizen. This behavior by Free State activists and Libertarians is inexcusable. No more can be said to excuse these types of behaviors. These behaviors are illegal and immoral.

The Free State Project should be outlawed, along with Super-PACs. And anyone on this forum who supports the FSP is a hypocrite. You're the same folks who are always complaining about "outside political interests" coming in to NH and trying to direct our state's politics. WHAT DO YOU THINK THE FSP IS?!?!?!?!?

"Free Staters lie. Quite a lot...?" Apparently, you haven't been listening to the Democrats in Washington since 2008, Does "...if you like your doctor you can keep him" ring a bell? Does "...your health insurance premiums will go down" sound familiar? Just wait three years when the bill comes due for the Medicaid expansion recently passed by Democrats. There will be no more money from the Feds and we will be called upon to finance the whole program. No one, including Governor Hassan, will tell us how we can pay for this expansion in 2017.

Here's why I don't like Free Staters: they lie. Quite a lot. When they couldn't get elected as FSers they simply lied and called themselves Republicans. I love it that they drive over government built and maintained roads to stand in government built and maintained buildings to tear down the very government that educated them, maintained the roads, airports and railways that brought them food as children.

Absolutely right on Ducklady!!

Here is the the thing: In the '90's the Libertarians achieved ballot status by polling 3% of the vote in two different elections. They elected four legislators. How did the legislature respond? They raised the threshold to 4%. No one, absolutely no one, gets to complain if Libertarians run under the Republican or Democratic ticket. I assure you, the libertarians didn't design the ballot access rules.

For anyone to be afraid of the likes of Free Staters or ALEC takes a frightening and complete suspension of common sense. These groups are not even a pin prick in the big scope of things. Having a bogyman to fight is straight from the liberal democrat progressive democrat playbook. A shameful destructive way to run a nation - it is only because their own positions on the issues of the day absolutely dont sell on main street so they turn to demonize and destruct their opposition.

Totally agree! Do we want to go back to the days of O'Brien and company. Please voters, do your homework and check the background of who you vote for, because Free Staters are running for public office and not declaring who they really are. I consider the Free State Movement an organization and they should be required to make public who they are and what they stand for!!!

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