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Letter: Crime against Market Basket

The Supreme Court of the United States declares very clearly that corporations are persons, and what the Supreme Court says is the law of the land until reversed by subsequent Supreme Court decision, legislation or constitutional amendment.

That said, at the beginning of this summer Market Basket was a physically/fiscally healthy person in the prime of life. Since then, two directors from the Arthur S. faction and three so-called “independent” directors – Keith Cowan, Ron Weiner and Eric Gebaide – installed two co-CEOs: Felicia Thornton and James Gooch.

Since the Thornton/Gooch appointments, the last six weeks have seen the formerly robust corporate person that was Market Basket reduced to a shell of its former self, with no sign of recovery on the horizon. If a corporation is a person, as the Supreme Court insists, then those who have inflicted this destruction on Market Basket have committed a grave criminal offense.

Have not the new CEOs acted as corporate hitmen, slowly killing what Arthur T. had painstakingly fed and nurtured? Once again, if a corporation is a person, then those responsible for what has befallen Market Basket are guilty of nothing less than conspiracy to commit murder. I call on Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley to investigate events at Market Basket with an eye toward prosecution.



Legacy Comments1

LOL, you are delirious and Martha Coakley is an empty pantsuit.

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