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Letter: ‘Right to work’ is the answer

Good jobs are what we need, and that’s why I’m running to represent you in the Legislature from Northfield and Franklin Ward 3.

As I see my opponents’ campaign signs appear, I wonder what possible record they think they can run on? A fair assessment of their voting record shows that they’ve been on the wrong side of every major economic issue affecting our lives. The economy – and jobs – should have been job No. 1 for our representatives in Concord. It hasn’t been.

There is one bill the right Legislature could pass next January that has proven to increase jobs and wages. It’s a bill the current crop of Democrats refuses to consider. My opponents are part of the problem. States such as New Hampshire that have seen stagnant job growth have also seen their young citizens leave to find good wages and good job opportunities in states that provide an attractive business climate.

It’s clear to me that passing this bill is critical to increasing jobs and increasing wages in New Hampshire.

This key legislation is called “Right to Work,” but I call it “Good Wages, Good Jobs, and Good Sense.” My Democratic opponents have voted against it every time it’s been introduced. I promise you that, if elected, I will vote “yes.”

I support good wages and good jobs. I will work for you to bring back the New Hampshire Advantage.



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'Right to Work' is a product of ALEC. When the facts come out, the title would be changed to: 'Right to Work FOR LESS'. Every state that has signed RTW has seen its average pay decrease. RTW is supported by WalMart, Koch brothers, and most other big corporations. Of course, the National Republican Party (mouthpiece for the rich corporations) support RTW and there a few righties here on this blob who want to work for less so they support it. Any corporation that wants to pay its employees minimum wage should go where RTW has been adopted; the workers will be cheaper and dumber and happier.

Walter is NOT NOT NOT telling you the truth. Even a LIDV like Walter can google the statistics. For the democrats to be so scared of ALEC which has a $7 million budget and 35 people is simply laughable - next post maybe he will use the Koch bogyman word - liberals .....sheeeeeesh

Perhaps you should take your own advice. I googled "average wages in right to work states." Except for the Heritage Foundation, the whole first page of results says that wages go down in RTW states, for both union and non-union jobs, and workers were less likely to have health insurance. Here's a sample:

when you cherry pick your democrat bought and paid for talking points you get what you regurgitate

And you're not cherry-picking the republican talking points? I didn't cherry-pick a thing. I just googled and looked at the results. Perhaps Google is a leftist entity and has pre-cherry-picked the results for me?

Put up the facts that prove your point that wages are higher in "right to work [for less] states"--or shut up. Flame on.

"There is one bill the right Legislature could pass next January that has proven to increase jobs and wages. " Increase who's wages?

ans: real Americans

When asked if they would vote for right-to-work laws, 71 percent of Americans in the national survey said they would. That number included 65 percent of Democrats. ........another startling example of how the LIDV's that post here are extremists

Hey Greg, if Right to Work is the answer . . . what's the question?

It is the Right to Freeload bill.

Bravo to Greg - "Sturm, Ruger chose not to expand its facilities here in New Hampshire. Instead the company chose a right-to-work state, North Carolina, to grow its business. This will bring 1,200 good, new jobs to the Tar Heel state. A company spokesman made the point that our lack of a right-to-work law was an important factor in the decision.Over the past decade, North Carolina’s workforce grew by 3.9 percent, while New Hampshire’s grew by 2.4 percent, meaning that our Southern neighbor added more than 133,000 more jobs than our state did. During that same time, North Carolina’s real GDP grew by 21.2 percent, while New Hampshire expanded by 13.3 percent. Between 2001-11, North Carolina’s inflation-adjusted personal income increased by 17.6 percent, while New Hampshire’s growth was only 9 percent.This difference is not isolated to these two states. Right-to-work states saw their workforces grow by 13.7 percent over that past decade, while non-right-to-work states saw an anemic 0.2 percent growth. Real GDP in right-to-work states increased by 21.6 percent, while non-right-to-work states had only 13.1 percent economic growth. Personal incomes grew by more than double the rate in states with worker freedom than in state with forced unionization." That is the real record that the LIDV socialists that post here cover up

It is clear from your letter that you are neither qualified nor have an actual understanding of the issues. Right to work has nothing to do with creating good jobs for NH voters. It is about creating a climate where businesses will be able to reduce the cost of labor. It should more aptly be called " The Right to Pay Less" law. Caterpiller Inc. is one company that shutdown a manufacturing plant and moved to Indiana after it became a RTW State. In doing so it was able to create 450 new jobs but with a catch. The previous workers were costing the company 2 1/2 - 3 times what they could pay by moving. So the average $25 -$30 per hour jobs were replaced by $12/hr jobs. So yes they got 450 jobs, but they were low paying at best. Try taking your head out of the right wing play book and look at Market Basket. You are not going to keep the younger residents here with the promises of cheap labor. Time to do some homework, I give you a F.

Readers should be reminded that Mrs Carson is the same person that claimed in this paper on 1/28/14 "Certainly the rich can't complain about 2013 they added $524 trillion to their balance sheets. " Todays is just another in a long line of LIDV statements

Really, how is your stock portfolio holding up today as compared to 2008 LIRV?

another in a long line of gsec92 LIDV statements - NObama's Monopoly money buying debt at $$85 BILLION a month is what has created the market bubble and the rich getting richer - What is also rich is how massively uninformed you are

Again, please answer my question instead of deflecting it. So I shall ask you, the king of LIRV on this forum, How is your stock portfolio holding up today as compared to 2008?

Don't hold your breath waiting for any factual response.

That would be Mr. Carson, my wife wouldn't dignify your type by even reading anything you write. After checking you were correct I made a mistake, it should have been billion not trillion. To even equate me with what you ignorant types call LIDV is rich. You wouldn't recognize an intelligent thought if somebody explained to you what one was. I was incorrect about something else it's not the right wing play book your heads stuck up. There is a difference you fail to recognize, I try and respond intelligently and can make a mistake, you never even attempt to be factual but simply make crap up and just outright lie.

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