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Letter: Buried story

I wonder if anyone else is asking themselves, why the news media is following the lead of publications like the Monitor, which buried its report on the plight of the residents of Staten Island on Page A4 on Nov. 3. If my memory serves me right, the Hurricane Katrina story was front-page news for days. Also, many of the Katrina stories focused on the lack of response by the federal government with President George W. Bush the primary target. The current situation doesn’t seem that different. Do you wonder why the media is giving President Obama a pass as his name isn’t even mentioned in the story?


New London

Legacy Comments2

The media always protects anything negative about President Obama. The Libya horror is a good example of them giving him and Clinton a pass till after the election. Every day more and more evidence comes out about how this adminstration is incompetent. The President did his photo Op with Christie. The folks have been waiting days for food and water. The left only blame Reps that screw up. They always give their own a pass.

Pray tell what "evidence" you're referring to regarding either superstorm "Sandy" devastation or the Benghazi attack? Obama and the feds received high marks from most on the federal response to Sandy. As for the allegations regarding the events that transpired in Libya--such as that Obama watched events unfold there in real time, unless and until evidence comes from some place more reliable than "unnamed sources", there is nothing to the story except the wishful concoctions of Obama-haters. It's on a par with the "birther" nonsense and the rest of the garbage spewed by the far right about this president, aimed at de-legitimizing him from Day 1.

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