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Letter: Lessons for GOP

President Obama was his usual gracious self, reaching out to his opponent and members of the other party with words of conciliation and a promise to work together.

The other side, as usual, was less gracious, particularly the Senate
minority leader. Others, like Karl Rove, are still in denial. If there is one
lesson Republicans must learn, it is to publicly repudiate the crazies in their
right wing.

When Rush Limbaugh verbally assaults a young Georgetown student, he must be condemned by party leadership.

When Senate candidates display their ignorance on the subject of rape, they must be put in their place. When a presidential candidate refuses to be interviewed, reveal his finances or give specifics about his plans, he cannot earn the trust of the majority of voters.

These are glaring errors. The blame game and conspiracy theories have begun, but the Republican Party must look inside itself to explain its loss. The white old boy network is losing its grip, and they are never getting it back. I’m so proud of New Hampshire for its all female leadership. The Granite State is leading the way into the 21st century. Well done!



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I find it very distasteful that a clinical psychologist a Dr. of psychology would publicly attack others and write: "repudiate the crazies in their right wing". Is that the respect you have for those in your profession who need your counseling, your help. That you classify anyone who may not see the point of your politics as "crazy" speaks volumes about your ethics and in essence, your character. Then you wrote: "The white old boy network is losing its grip, and they are never getting it back. I’m so proud of New Hampshire for its all female leadership". How ignorant a comment from a supposed 'educated' man, how hateful, how distasteful. It proves what I have known all does not breed tolerance, an embrace of diversity or tolerance as the so called 'educated' elitists so often remind us are their core principles. I think that the Phd. doth need some anger management, please seek a psychologist....oh wait a minute, based on what I read here, that might not work out so well. PS-I am not a "right wing crazy", I was here long before you and many of the enlightened, beautiful people came to the state and ruined it!!!

Hey Driver & Duke Getting on this site has been an exercise in frustration. I assume that is why many are not posting. O'brien was not someone that I thought was a good Speaker. I agreed with his fiscal policies, but like many bad managers, he had no clue how to manage. Too filled with his own ego and power. He literally gave the left the power to bash him on a plate. A gift to the Dems. The whole BC issue was a fantasy. Yeah it was. The fact that religious entities do not offer BC etc should never have been turned into an issue that was used as a scare tactic to make folks believe that all business would drop BC. The govt in my opinion has no right to dictate religious beliefs. Plenty of business offer BC. Nobody forces anybody to work for any company that does not offer the benefits they want. It is obvious that we have less folks working and depending on the govt. The figures are astounding. So many folks have stopped looking for work and they are not even counted in the unemployment figures. Like Shaws, we will see more companies downsizing. I say that because of the taxes, mandates from the EPA etc, will make opening a business impossible. The cost is too high. And like the last 4 years, business has lost hope. They see this President as building govt jobs not private sector. Big companies will most likely go over seas. Investors will not invest. I see inflation and more debt sadly. I wish I was more optimistic, but we have a huge divide here between socialism and capitalism. When you elect someone on social issues instead of jobs and the economy, we are in trouble. No matter how you play it, this president cannot understand the economy. His agenda is one of growing govt. His past 4 years have proven that. Ignoring his record will just give us more of the same for the next 4 years.

talk about a Dutch does this guy get his letters printed every week?

He has the right politics and he has connections.

The Left seems to have a lot of advice about behavior, yet they do not abide by their own rules. If you want to hold up anybody to a standard, I suggest you look at the Dem party and see what standards they have abided by when it comes to rhetoric. I do not see the Dems being held responsible for anything. They just preach. I guess with the cover of the media you have the freedom to do and say what you want because they will not call you on it. The Party that supports choice and tolerance, does not seem to have those traits when it comes to folks that disagree with them. Crazies on both sides of the aisle. Unfortunately the Left do not believe they have crazies in their Party. They are the ones who play the blame game. if you doubt that, look at the postings here from the party that won. Instead of being happy they won, they are still on the divide and destroy tour. That stance will assure that the folks you claim you want to compromise with will be turned off. It is also assures many that your claims of compromise are not real.

Rabbit? That you?? Driver here. I'll take Bernie Sanders any day as an extreme lefty over someone like Akin or the recent candidate for Sheriff of Hillsborough County 'Six Guns Sazbo'. BTW you still in for January?

I am in definitly! Looking forward to it. For me, having to decide between any extreme is a testament to how dumb down we all have become. Akin is an idiot. He does what the left wants him to do. He puts forth that all Reps believe as he does and gets them scrambling to convice folks that he is an extremist. Saw that play out with the nomination process for the Reps also. Santorium and Bachman are too religious. Newt was too hated, but in my opinion had the best ideas but no control. Huntsman I liked, but he could not garner appeal as his personality is too mild. Mitt got the nomination by elimination and the fact he is safe. But in the end, the Dems outplayed the Reps with social issues and promises of bigger govt that would expand safety nets. There will be a turn around in the next election because the folks will realize that you cannot get something for nothing. The cost of the ACA will impact them. The EPA will finally get to use their mandates that they have, over a thousand of them that will kill jobs, coal is already dead at this point. Gridlock in WA and more hate and divide. Not good. We not only have a fiscal cliff coming, we have a divide coming that we have not seen since Civil Rights. Really is sad.

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