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Letter: Finally, in plain English

Under stress, people sometimes let slip what they really think.

On election night Fox News personality Bill O’Reilly said the following as part of his analysis: “The white establishment is now the minority.” After four years of dog-whistle racism, it finally comes out in plain English.  The most privileged class on the planet, white American males of a certain socioeconomic position, feel threatened by a president who speaks to an emerging majority coalition.

It’s not just O’Reilly.  It’s Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Sarah Palin, Pat Buchanan, Glen Beck, Donald Trump and a host of other entrepreneurs of outrage who see their and, more important, their sponsors’ power and influence in decline.

Over the next weeks and months they will point fingers and assess blame. Watch and listen carefully.  Everybody and everything from Gov. Chris Christie to Hurricane Sandy, from the “liberal” mainstream media to Mitt Romney’s un-likeability will be a target.  In all the universe only the purity of their message and their own clean hands and hearts will escape scrutiny.

The 2012 election brought two facts into focus:  The undisclosed mainly conservative donors who sent the cost of the election into the stratosphere got very poor value for money, and the message of fear, selfishness and exclusion bleated by their media spokespeople, however successful in the marketplace of advertising, no longer rules in the marketplace of ideas.  Dare I say it gives one hope?



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Bill, stop "Politt"icizing the issue, you won. The reason why Obama won is because he rallied people who want things, want stuff from the government....period. They view government as the answer not their own initiative as the answer. Then he rallied the idealists who believe in things like the War on Women. You won. We shall remember those who supported this president and we will fully point the finger of blame at you when he takes this country into a depression. We shall remember.

You have to wonder why the winners seem to be setting up a firewall here to try and minimize what is down the road for their American idol President. His response to Sandy, Libya, the taxes folks will get come jan with ACA and the fiscal cliff that reid has assured everyone he will not compromise on. So the President will be dodging quite a lot. So his fans need to pre-empt his mistakes that he will make. It is obvious that the Left has no idea how to compromise. It is also obvious that they are strengthen with the idea that they fooled folks and can keep on their extreme agenda. After all they got this win with the help of the media, scare tactics, and hoping folks would focus on social issues instead of the economy, jobs, etc. affor

You list a bunch of names that better fits the term crackpot instead of white establishment. We also need to be aware of the Golden Rule. The ones that control the gold make the rules. That's the real establishment, and money is color blind.

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