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Letter: Farewell, Taliban

Congratulations to President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden.

Locally, the New Hampshire franchise of the Taliban are almost all gone. So, women, strip off your veils and care for yourselves, without a bunch of old white men defining what you can or cannot do. And there is no justification – from God or anybody else – for rape.

And please have sympathy for our neighbors in Mont Vernon; at least New Boston shook off the cobwebs. Maybe we can locate the cave where outgoing House Speaker Bill O’Brien parks his Mercedes. We’ll need an address to forward his new license plates.

Good luck to our new women leaders; make us proud. Don’t forget to re-invite the Concord Monitor to your press briefings.



Legacy Comments2

This letter is representative of the real view of progressives. The part of the citizenry who classify themselves as "inclusive", "tolerant", "accepting" and "diverse" view those who don't believe as they do as the "Taliban". Nice! I guess we can't expect that "compromise" will work very well in this legislature. They will start by reversing the previous legislature and waste time on that, then they will start spending like drunken sailors. We will be waiting to ask: "where are the jobs" as they focus on red swim caps and helium filled balloons and removing parental rights. Buckley is not that informed as he fails to understand what women in Afghanistan really live with in their daily lives. American women have it made compared to women in third world countries and all that Buckley can do is make smarmy, inaccurate comments about them removing their veils. It exposes the hatred of those on the Left who espouse such loft principles and claim the high ground of "tolerance".

Comparing Reps to the Taliban accomplishes what? Compromise, a willingness to work together, I think not. It is opinions like this that got us into this mess. No talk of jobs, economy etc. Sad!

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