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Letter: Voters are smarter than politicians

I am an Independent voter who was a Republican for most of my life. What this election showed me is the voters are smarter than the politicians. The Republicans have gone to the extremes, at the federal level and in the state. They must lose their extremes if they think they can win again. The State House was dragged into the foolishness because of outgoing Speaker Bill O’Brien. On the other hand, we can thank him for returning the House back to the Democrats.



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Sorry don't believe this story. Democrats have gone extreme left and no mention of that?

What I find incredibly extreme, is that many Americans believe that our economy is improving. I also find it extreme that many Americans believe that social issues trump the economy and jobs. But the most extreme to me is that we have so many voters who are uninformed on a lot of issues. They rely on the lame stream media and sound bytes to get their info. Ask a Dem what the actual unemployment rate is. They do not know. Ask them what is in the ACA, they will repeat sound bytes that are carrott sticks. They cannot tell you what is bad about ACA, how it affects jobs, or how it will be rationed. Ask a Dem about the record on our taxpayer green investments or how many jobs the stimulus created. Ask them how much money GM owes us. Ask them about Libya and Fast and Furious. You know the two incidents were folks were killed and we still have no answers. Also ask them about the EPA and the 1026 mandates they have in the wings waiting to impose on all business. Will that cost jobs? The trouble with a radical agenda is that nothing gets fixed. We just spend spend spend. Any cut is a sky is falling agenda. So lets just keep the spending going right. That creates so many jobs, NOT!

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