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Letter: Hey, Republicans, the people have spoken!

Re “N.H. GOP wonders what went wrong” (Monitor front page, Nov. 10):

Republicans wonder what went wrong?! Are you kidding me?

Here’s what went wrong: The extreme right (including New Hampshire’s speaker of the House, who wants to take the state’s social policy back to the 1950s) attempted to make the election about a war on equality for gays and lesbians, on the right of women to control their own bodies, on women’s equal status in America’s work places and society at large. Their positions on rape, contraception and abortion cost them dearly among women voters. Their out-of-touch disdain for gay rights and reproductive choice is what cost them the presidency. That’s what went wrong.

The people have spoken, folks. Listen up next time with some respect, aging white upper-class Republican males, if you want to be considered valid ever again.



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Is there a point with this letter or is just a victory lap for the left agenda? I do agree with the title that "the people have spoken" and I think it is time to give them what they want. Take Obama's plans and let's get them all passed, tax increases, immigration, electric cars, global warming.......... bring it on. I understand the financial burden this creates for America, but the "people" who voted Obama back in need to see first hand what "change" is and how it affects them. It is not enough to just warn them of peril, they need to experience it first hand. It seems we can't just warn everyone of the looming financial cliff, we have to jump off to see what happens...............

Yes, JM, but the fact that 50% of the population can run ram shot over 48% of the population is the real issue. First and foremost. there is not really any "inequality". Women take preference over men with many companies as they have to comply to EEOC surveys, etc. That is a fact. There are other companies who have other groups in charge, other than "white males" and they tend to hire people who believe or have sexual orientation or gender like theirs. That is also a fact but in their case EEOC rules don't seem to apply. As far as reproductive rights is concerned, most Republicans believe that women have those rights but it is on the woman's conscience. Contraceptives should be covered by insurance, that is a non-issue.

Dah! I was bing sarcastic by saying there are old women too who happen to be Reps. Is it me or do you have an issue with old folks? I disagree as to why the reps lost. Had nothing to do with their stances on anything. i say that because the left too the opinions of a few idiots and decided to put that label on the whole party. Simple really. This country is moving towards socialism. They want things and they want those things from big govt. Trouble is, that some point you run out of other people's money. A wise person would look at what is going on in other countries and ask themselves what happens when govt becomes too big.

A few things seem to be a bit confusing in this letter. 1.) "on the right of women to control their own bodies," no one says that a woman doesn't have the right to control their own bodies, just don't make other people have to pay for it. If they want contraception and abortion, let them pay for it themselves. I think many in the Republican party have the pro choice position. Just not the mandatory taxation to pay for it position. 2.)"on women’s equal status in America’s work places and society at large", exactly what position did a Republican take that would affect the existing equal rights laws that currently are on the books. What went wrong is that the Liberal left is pushing an agenda of rewriting the Constitution through the court system instead of through the amendment process. After all, amendments are much to hard and too much work, to ratify. Besides too many people would have to get engaged and vote to do that. The minority would much rather dictate policy than vote on it.

Correct freezeframe.......excellent points. And women do not make less money in most jobs, etc. That is all hyperbole and rhetoric. If one woman reports that it is considered the "norm" by the Left. I have been passed over for promotion in the passed because "we need to have a woman in that position". How is that fair? I have no problem with a woman's choice. She has the first choice when she engages in the act. She has the second choice to abort or not to abort. The third choice is a little more exact.....the choice to pay for it, that is on the woman and the man involved.

Agree Freeze Frame. When you watch TV and listen to folks talk about why the reps lost it is astounding. I saw a guy interview folks in NYC who were going into a Bill Maher show. They all said they elected Obama because he champions women's rights, spent less than any other President in History, and knows how to get the economy moving again. It is amazing how folks are so uninformed. To the point that they have no clue in a very long campaign cycle what is actually going on. They have no clue about the president's record, just repeat progressive talking points. By the way, the interviewer went in an caught the Bill Maher show. He said it was vile and disgusting. The audience was cheering him when he was ragging all over Romney's Religion and Family. They won, but they cannot let the hate rhetoric and vile go. Kind of like the team in baseball that is winning 36 to zip and they keep on playing the game. These folks need to look in the mirror. Very revealing when they accuse the opposing party of hate and they practice it themselves. Amnesia, or the dumbing down of America?

Don't forget the aging white females Carol. We count also. We have had days and days of why the Reps lost by the Dems on this forum. They do not post nicely, I might add. They won, but the desire to keep rubbing salt into the wounds of the losers is getting epidemic it seems to me. I do not see your post as respectful by the way. I guess your party winning was not enough to satisfy ya.

Are you saying you lost the election because you are an old white woman? That's a new one. You lost because you do not represent the majority; you lost because your party is a party of angry old white people who will soon be the minority in this country. You lost because you represent everything wrong with America.

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