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Letter: Good job, ‘Monitor’!

Last week’s election has restored my faith in the intelligence and good judgment of the voting citizens of New Hampshire as evidenced by the return of a Democratic majority to the New Hampshire House.

Of course, good judgment requires reliable information, and most of us rely upon the news media for such information. In my case, sources include WMUR-TV and my favorite, the Concord Monitor.

I wish to congratulate the Monitor for providing in-depth, factual and unbiased coverage of the oftentimes dangerous, and almost always ludicrous antics of Speaker Bill O’Brien and his henchmen in the New Hampshire House.

O’Brien made no bones about his disdain for the Monitor and its reporting, and he undoubtedly applied political pressure wherever and whenever he could, but the Monitor never backed down.

Had the Monitor not stood its ground and reported based upon its solid ethical standards, more damage would have been done by the House over the past two years, and the electorate would not have returned so many Democrats to the House.

Thank you, Concord Monitor – keep up the great work!



Legacy Comments2

What are these folks on? That would be like me stating I watch Glen beck and hang on his every word. I guess the concept of actually looking at another newspaper never enters their minds. Ignorance is Bliss, I guess.

Informed? I didn’t see any report on WMUR or in the Monitor that showed how the President’s incorrect GDP growth projections caused a $4 Trillion deficit in the last three years. He inaccurately predicted 4.5% GDP growth by the end of his first term….LOL. Also, I didn’t see any report that informed anyone that the President’s Omnibus Spending Bill in 2009 shut down the DC school voucher program. You know the one where inner District school children could obtain assistance to choose a Charter or Private School over their failing public school. In fact his 2013 budget completely de-funded the program. I guess we were informed differently.

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