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Letter: Frustrating!

What is going on with the Concord Monitor website? It hasn’t worked properly since the change was implemented. The timing was extremely poor as well, in that this took place right before the elections.

Part of the enjoyment of this format is the readers’ letters and comments to articles and editorials. That is a painfully inconsistent process that works sometimes and then doesn’t work for no apparent reason.

Normally I think this paper does a good job. However, that doesn’t extend to this new website user experience.



Legacy Comments5

The Monitor has remained mum on the website issues. Surprisingly quiet.

I got on the first time today. Dare I hope they are working out the kinks? I have heard a lot of horror stories about software "Experts", The cost to upgrade your software is a huge investment. Your site represents your company. If it becomes bogged down and difficult, you just might lose clients. Like most things, when it comes to thinking about purchasing any service, it is best to do your research, ask around, and beware that the lowest bid offten represents the poorest quality by cutting corners.

Yes, an update from the Monitor staff would be much appreciated. Ongoing updates would actually be nice, and might well be appropriate in light of what we're seeing. I very much doubt that the "snake salesmen" who sold this disaster are laughing much at all. During the 1970's and early 80's I was a software developer for a company selling new software systems designed to take newspapers from "hot metal" Linotype production systems to electronic production systems using "photounit" output. Some of these newspapers were quite large and renowned, in the U.S., Canada, and South Africa. This was quite a challenge in those days, and I daresay considerably more involved than transition from one website format to another these days. We prepared long and well for presentation of new systems by these newspapers to their public. Never did we or our clients suffer such an extended series of fundamental and prominently visible malfunctions after "going live" Yes, the pre-election timing of this transition was not helpful. But I'm sure no one expected problems of this magnitude and duration. Perhaps an additional update from the "snake salesmen" themselves would be most illuminating.

To The Monitor Staff..........Update Please !!!!!!

Just spent 20 minutes to sign in. This website is a disaster. The snake salesman who sold the Monitor this garbage is laughing their butt off.

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