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Letter: Not a significant workplace injustice

Many employees at Walmart and elsewhere have been expressing their dissatisfaction with working holiday hours. Employees are speaking up for what they believe and demonstrating to the workplace managers that they can’t be pushed around.

Show a commitment to your cause: quit. I’m sure the 18,000 unemployed Hostess workers would appreciate the commitment to your cause and happily fill the vacated positions.

Most people appreciate and understand the importance of spending time with family during the holidays. The suggestion that employees are considering a walkout due to holiday work hours and not a significant workplace injustice is insulting to those currently unemployed. Go to work as scheduled, appreciate the ability to provide for your family, and recognize that big businesses are competing for consumers’ attention. This attention will equate to economic growth, which includes better wages and additional employment.



Legacy Comments3

Keith, you have made some valid points. I would think that anyone, especially unskilled workers would be happy to just be employed. Places like Wal-Mart and Target are the places which are hiring. It would be wonderful if jobs grew on trees or were as plentiful as jelly beans but in this Obama economy, that would be a fairy tale. 18,000 folks at Hostess almost lost their jobs and still could. However, it did not have to end like that. By the way, Keith, I like gravy from a jar.....I will join in with you.

For me working in retail, health care, fire or police etc, means I will work some holidays. retail makes something like 40% of their profits on Black Friday. That means jobs. The bakers union at Hostess decided to stink to their guns and not sacrifice. Good by twinkies and 18.000 jobs. Who wins here? Those of us that provide jobs know that it is getting harder and harder to get employees that are willing to work. The demands being made now by employees is killing business. Same with education. More money is demanded for a system that is failing. The left want more taxpayer money and no choice so they can have a monopoly on education. When your the only game in town, you have a lot of power. Folks want choice. It was just a matter of time before there would be cries for school vouchers, and more folks home schooling their kids. Sometimes you reap what you sow.

Bad Letter Keith....... Your Anti/Union mind set has been duly noted here before. Hope your turkey turns out dry due to a lack of extra jarred gravy that I'm sure you use........NHD & The Pack

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