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Letter: Skewed nonsense

Let the whining begin! It’s the end of the world – again! President Obama is a dictator, and we will lose our freedoms! Which freedoms? I have yet to get any details.

Glenn Beck, Newt, Dick Morris, Laura Ingraham, Bill Kristol, George Will, Bill O’Reilly, Karl Rove, Michael Barone, John Boehner, Sarah Palin, Sean Hannity, Charles Krauthammer, Rush Limbaugh, Peggy Noonan, Ari Fleischer, John Kasich, the American Conservative Union, Red State Blog, the Washington Times, Rasmussen and, yes, UnskewedPolls’ Dean Chambers – that is just a start of a list of people who believe their own skewed nonsense.

I studied the polls and knew Mitt Romney “could” win, but the deck was stacked against him in the battleground states. I guessed 303 or 332 electoral votes and a 2-million-vote edge for Obama. I was wrong on the popular; it was 3 million.

How did the right-wing echo chamber do with the polling data? A big Romney win, they said. They hoodwinked millions of conservatives who bought in to their ineptitude, delusions and denials. Nothing in the data supported any of the predictions the noise machine made, yet they just yammered away endlessly.

Progressives give thanks to all the right-wingers for believing everything the noise machine says and writes, and for nominating candidates who are clearly out of touch with reality. And for saying the stupidest things.

Without you, we couldn’t have done it!



Legacy Comments2

I could not figure out why the Left were such poor winners in this election. The harping on why Romeny lost is endless. At first I thought they were just exhibiting poor sportsmanship, then it hit me. There is a method to this. Just like Fast & Furious, anything that is proven to show incompetence or a cover up needs to be squashed. Any media outlet that is not willing to go along with the cover up needs to be demonized. Libya is just another situation that needs to be squashed. I am sure they are scrambling to try and make sure that the truth never comes out as to why our embassy was left so unprotected. As far as what folks believe from the media. The left bought the social scare tactics that were used by the left. Women dying in the streets from failed abortions, the minimum wage being repealed, and the idea that it is a great idea to raise taxes in a bad economy. They will see now that when someone promises you the moon, they cannot deliver, they will also see now all the information that has been kept from them about ACA, the cost to the economy from overspending, and how the economy is about to fail even more with all the mandates set to be enacted from the EPA, etc. Sorry folks, you cannot shut down free speech. And one thing you just might forget about the Left leaning media. They like to champion idols, but they also love to tear them down.

It is amazing how angry the left get when there is competition in the media. There is only a few conservative news outlets but it is growing and the hatred is growing right along with it. It just amazes me how the left feed on the lie machine and the propaganda coming from MSNBC, NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, NY Times, Wash. Post, LA Times-------- Think for themselves not a chance. Think Obama is going to get a free ride to ruining America. Not going to happen. Nice job ignoring: Fast and Furious, the Cover up and misinformation campaign of the Murders of 4 Americans in Libya. The left wing media is doing their best holding back the truth but the dam will fail and America will see another swing to the right.

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