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Letter: Grumpy Obsolete Party

The GOP has devolved into two splinter groups, the Genuinely Optimistic People and the Grumpy Obsolete Party.

Sadly, the latter group is populated by formerly distinguished Sens. John McCain and Lindsey Graham who seem intent on turning the Benghazi tragedy into another Watergate.

Another grumpy old man is Mitt Romney who believes he lost because the opposition bribed voters to turn out. I’m still waiting for my gift for voting for President Obama.

Fortunately there are optimistic Republicans who want to return to the center and are disgusted by the whining of their conservative colleagues. There is hope that Democrats and moderate Republicans may indeed take the country back from the fringe groups who peddle ignorance and hate.



Legacy Comments3

When will democrats return to the "center" ???

Why is it that progressives think that if you stand against their beliefs that you are grumpy, obsolete, closed minded, ignorant, etc. There is a sharp divide in this country and it is just about 50:50. If the supposed secret meeting between Cheney and oil companies was so important to progressives that they acted as if there was a conspiracy around every corner, why were they not concerned about the creation of Obamacare behind closed doors, Obama's comments to the soviet prime minister, Benghazi and a host of other "passes" given to Obama and Democrats. This controversy is a little bit more heinous than breaking into the Democrat National Headquarters. Progressives have double standards and are out to bully everyone.

Another attempt to make light of 4 Americans who were murdered on American soil. Making light of a American president who repeatedly lied about what happened to the 4 murdered Americans. Making light of a true American heroes who want to expose the truth about the deaths of these brave Americans. Everyone knows that these 4 brave men were not killed by a spontaneous mob inspired by some movie on Youtube but that what the Obama administration were saying for the first 3 weeks even though all the evidence said differently. When a president sticks up for radical Islam as much as this president does we are in trouble. It was not America's fault these 4 were murdered it was radical Islam. Fort Hood murder was not work place violence as Obama says it is it is radical Islam.

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