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Letter: Signs of progress

Can it be that several hard-line Republicans in Congress are finally seeing the light? When times and circumstances change, political positions need to change.

This election demonstrated to our political leaders we are tired of all the fighting, hard-line stances, and “pledges.” To be effective, our elected representatives need to have the skills of compromise, working effectively with others and adaptability when addressing current problems – so they can be fixed.

One senator recently said “If I were in Congress in 1941, I would have voted to attack Japan. I would not vote to attack Japan today.”

Another recent quote was from Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham, “When you’re $16 trillion in debt, the only ‘pledge’ we should be making is to avoid becoming Greece.”



Legacy Comments1

Compromise takes two sides. This President refuses to compromise. He wants more spending, and promises entitlement reform down the road. Course he also promised to balance the budget. Still waiting for that.

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