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Letter: Imaginative art

Re “Graffiti artist has brush with the law on I-393” (Monitor Local & State page,
Dec. 4):

A bit over a week ago, a friend and I were hiking by the river and came upon the impressive graffiti under the highway bridge. It is an obscure place, and I doubt that many have had the pure fun of examining them close up. We did.

I didn’t see him at work, but wish I might have been there, although it would have presented some ethical choices that I am happy to have avoided. The painting was done with skill and imagination and certainly didn’t endanger the bridge or threaten traffic.

I admit that I don’t like “SpongeBob,” but it wasn’t there yet.

I am sorry to hear that we feel compelled to punish these young artists instead of giving them a more socially acceptable vent for their talent. Any chance? How about public spaces and prizes?



Legacy Comments1

Ms. Spragg seems to mistakenly believe the majority of these youths are simply "artists" who need a canvas. Frankly, most of these people are not interested in brightening up your community. Far too many are gang-bangers marking their tuft to asocial loners who no interest or respect of private or public property. Yes, creating public space to allow some of these youths to express themselves is a good idea and has worked in many communities. But don't expect the majority of these "artists" to give up their anti-social ways and lower the price tag for cleaning up their juvenile mess.

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