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Letter: One last dig

In her “apology” for inappropriate remarks made by Monitor reporter Annmarie Timmins, Editor Felice Belman couldn’t resist the opportunity to get in just one more dig against former House speaker Bill O’Brien (“A regrettable comment,” concordmonitor.com, Dec. 5).

She described with apparent glee how O’Brien had been sentenced to the disgrace of being removed from his “lofty position at the front of the hall,” and assigned to a lowly seat, “at the very back of the hall, in a two-person row – between a Democrat and a large pillar.”

How very clever to include a veiled insult in what was supposed to be an apology for an insult made by one of her own.

If she had taken the least bit of effort to research the facts, she would have easily found that those seat assignments were for Organization Day only. The method of assigning seats was simple, and obvious. All incumbents kept their assigned seats, and all newly elected representatives filled in the vacant seats alphabetically, beginning with Section 1, Seat 1.

Since O’Brien was an incumbent without an assigned seat, he ended up in the last seat at the back of the room. It was nothing more than that.

Belman should also apologize for the inappropriateness of her own uncalled-for remarks, and try to just “cover the news,” as she said.



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Great letter.

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