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Letter: White-collar rednecks

Well, I guess it’s now official: I’ve been pronounced a “dependent” by King John H. Sununu. Yes, I’m pushing 70 and drawing Social Security; yes, I’m a disabled veteran and drawing military retirement pay for my 24-plus years of active duty service and VA benefits for service-connected disabilities, so I fit Sununu’s dependent profile.

How many years did he spend in the military? How much is he drawing in Social Security?

Yes, I voted for President Obama, because I didn’t feel we needed another wealthy bigot in the White House.

Ben Leubsdorf’s front-page article in the Dec. 5 Monitor (“Sununu: Dependents elected Dems”) sounds like the minutes of a local Klan meeting, with Grand Knight Sununu presiding. Of course the Republicans lost the election. They managed to alienate practically every minority in the country except the Rich White Guys, who were the major source of their funding. They also lost large voting blocks in the female, gay and Hispanic groups.

As long as the Republican Party in New Hampshire is fronted by white-collar rednecks like Sununu, Craig Benson and smaller bottom-feeders like Frank Guinta, Bill O’Brien and their Tea Party toadies, they’ll never be representative of New Hampshire’s population. I respectfully suggest they fold up their sheets and pointed hoods, and move south, far south.



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Rabbit, when are you ever going to acknowledge that we got in this mess fianacially due to the bad policies of Bush jr? When are you ever going to acknowledge that two unfunded wars (both off the books by emergency appropriations instead of the regular budget process, never mind that one was on completely false pretenses helped put us where we art at? Never mind the failed unfunded No child left behind act! How about all those tax cuts? Why did we not have a better economy if as the repubs say lower taxes leads to more jobs? All I saw was jobs being shifted overseas! So tell us we are waiting. In order to have an intellegent discussion, these things need to be addressed. So I ask again, why do you not acknowledge any of these things?

Probably the same day gsec92 that you ackowledge this President's record. At what point in time is President Obama responsible? The deal about raising taxes from the left's point of view is based on the times they were raised in a great economy. Like the tech boom and after the war. Our economy is not in a boom. So raising taxes will not spur it. The left also fails to admit why business is not hiring or expanding. They will clamp down even more. The EPA is unleashing a slew of mandates that will cost jobs. Add the ACA costs and guess what, business will stay paralayzed. Add the hatred of the left for business and guess what, business stays stagnant. And if we want to be so detailed about Bush, why not apply that same critical detail to President Obama? Instead of running from his record along with the media, how about an honest assesment of what he has spent, invested in, etc.

Again I ask why don't you admit that Bush Jr's failed policies pushed us this far back? here is the crux of the matter: Had Obama had the backing congress and not all the obstructionism, I would agree that we could be in a much better position than we are. However, we all know he had very little to no cooperation. But of course you will probably deny that as well. So tell me how did Bush jr's policies NOT help place us in this position? I'm waiting.

White collar rednecks LOL!!!!! What a great moniker, Ron! And so apropos! In my opinion . . . white collar rednecks are the worst! These guys have all of the ignorance and knee-jerk, reactionary beliefs without any of the down-to-earth common sense or ability to make/craft things with their bare hands!

For me it is all about folks who concentrated their vote based on manufactured stories. The War On Women is one that was manufactured. The idea that a Religious business does not cover BC was taken to another level by the left. It was taken up to the level of women being denied health care, dying in the streets etc. Last time I checked we had the freedom of choice about where we worked based on pay and benefits. Then Romney's campaign strategy about where to focus his campaign was taken to the level that he believes that vets are dependent. he never said that. yet the left spun it into oblivion. The fact that this President got reelected based on social issues as opposed to economic ones is scary. Anybody who does not know that he promised more spending for social programs is living under a rock. Everthing is ignored, his record, unemployment, deficit, his foreign policy etc. He cannot compromise on anything. As a result our recession will continue and most likely get worse. Nobody on the left cares. It is all about social issues for them and the heck with jobs and the economy. Very sad. His 4 year record was blamed on Bush. You will have to become very creative with the excuses for the next 4.

"For me it is all about folks who concentrated their" Reagan/Bush tax cut wealth based on Koch money and Faux Noise brainwashing of math challenged voters. We'll hear the Republicans "become very creative with the excuses for the next 4" years while the economy continues to slowly improve despite the obstructionism of the $Koch addicts. I could be wrong though - maybe their new war on the disabled can help the "White-collar rednecks" get their lame ducks in a row.

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