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Letter: We have turned our backs on God

Here America sits, with yet another horrific event. Good God in heaven, what is it going to take to wake us up?

Our problem in America is systemic and much deeper than guns. We no longer value and respect life. We no longer value and respect each other. We allow our children to spend hours with diabolical videos which desensitize them to killing. When something happens, we pass it off as mental illness. Sorry, not that simple!

We as a nation have turned our backs on God who has graced us with so much! The majority of our churches are just social clubs, more interested in potluck dinners, entertainment and teaching man-centered doctrine, instead of preaching the fear of God to their congregations.

How has that worked out for us? I do not hear weeping in the streets about the millions of unborn children murdered every day in this country. Face the truth! Killing an unborn child is murder, period! The stuff on television is dirty, violent and not worth watching. Greed for more and more rules the day, and our children who need good parenting and a mom home 24/7 are left on their own. Folks marry and are not prepared to do the work and make the commitment to develop a strong, morally fit family unit that builds a strong morally fit community.

Sadly, there will be more Connecticut incidents, and no doubt worse, until we get serious about correcting these problems. We are a nation that has lost its moral compass, a nation in search of its soul. This cannot be solved by laws. It will require a serious sacrificial change in hearts, minds and actions.



Legacy Comments8

There are few, if any, more violent and bloodier books than the Bible. Perhaps we should keep our children from reading it.

Indeed! A moral compass trouble. Foundational truths based on God's Word! Keeping the Ten Commandments! Prime example....NH. Always in the past a conservative state. Now, the devil and liberals rule! Sodomite marriage?! Right out of the pit of hell! Marriage, instituted by God for one man and one woman. Repent today and return to God or face eternal damnation! Get back to the handbook of life....The Bible. God's Way is simple! The Devil's way leads to eternal destruction! Choose this day whom you will serve!

I have to ask. Who's God should we return to? Yours? Mine? The god of Israel, the Catholic God, Protestant God, Islamic God? or perhaps the Westboro Baptist church's? Religion belongs in the home and in church not in Goverment or schools. We have freedom of religion in this country. Let's keep that freedom. Parents you are responsible for your childs upringing and need to do a better job instilling the values of society and religion.

OMG! Another school on lockdown in AZ with an armed person on the premises. Lets hope they can manage this without more horror. What is going on in our world? This is frightening.

That is called a copycat......what is going on is that we have allowed the liberal agenda of moral relativism, no shame abortions, normalizing abnormal psychiatric conditions, turning mental patients out on the street to self medicate, allowing the family to break down, minimizing the importance of a mother and father in a family, practicing political correctness instead of just being adults and calling a spade a spade, twisting of ethics and morality, destruction of faith in the name of "I am tho offended", ACLU extremism, etc. to permeate a civil and organized society. Our Bill of Rights is being trashed by nouveau progressives thinkers who believe that we are the scourge on the planet and should be reduced in numbers. We live in a dangerous and sick society and it is decaying below our very feet. Progressives delight in seeing the moral fabric shredded. Their ideas? More money for "programs" and banning guns. Stunningly ignorant.

"Progressives delight in seeing the moral fabric shredded." As a progressive, this is the first thing I delight in seeing shredded every time I wake up - even before I brush my teeth, actually. How did you know this?

Great letter Sandra. We have lost our moral compass. One only has to look at who our kids see as heros provided by the media, movies and those disgusting video games. It starts at home and unfortunately we have become a society that appeases our kids rather than take the hard parenting role of teaching them how to behave. A walk in any grocery store will show young kids yelling at their parents and acting out. The parent almost always gives in. The message here is that you can get your way if you yell and act out. I think this whole TV, computer age thing is pushed when kids are too young and vulnerable to messages. On one hand playing cowboy is out but shortening our kids attention spans in front of a computer is a okay. And when they sit in front of the computer or TV while eating junk food, they are said to have ADD. The idea that a teacher can out perform a TV or video game is naive at best. Religion when I was young was based on fear. Yet it serve the purpose of actually being a code that pretty much forced you to be aware of your actions. There are no codes now. Our kids have been raised to be materialistic, focused on instant gratification, and have the free will to treat their parents with disrespect. Not all, but many. Very Sad. A lot of very bad parenting going on out there and a huge lack of common sense in our society.

Regardless of which God a person believes in, your letter is very valid. People today worship insidious politicians and disingenuous leaders over a belief in anything greater than man, themselves. Your points about the breakdown of the family, the filth that is spoon fed to our children and the filth that is Hollywood are valid. On abortion, although I support the right of a woman to choose, I find it repugnant and more a statement about the character and morals of the woman choosing to have one. Man has minimized life, minimized freedom, minimized liberty, minimized faith.....all in the name of mans idea that he is so enlightened that he has it all figured out. Well, as we saw in CT, that simply is not the case. Those events were directly the result of the moral and ethical decay of our society and there is no doubt that it is caused by pompous

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