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Letter: Did NRA, Congress commit murder?

If Congress had not let the NRA persuade it to allow the ban on assault rifles and huge magazines to expire, would the shooter’s mother have owned one? The ban expired in 2004, and she purchased the gun in 2010. Note that Sen. Kelly Ayotte supported the expiration when she was attorney general.

Did the NRA and Congress murder those kids?

Time is long past for common sense to supersede ideology. Congress must put the best interest of our country ahead of politics.

A bill that outlaws sale, purchase and ownership of assault weapons and large clips must be passed swiftly – even if we have to purchase and destroy currently existing stocks, as was done in Australia.

I own five long guns and a cap-and-ball pistol. I have been a hunter all my life. I never had a need or desire to own something to allow me to mow down large numbers of people!



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The pro gun people are sinking their own ship. Keep it up guys, we'll be just like Canada before we're through.

Van you are comparing apples to oranges. I have been thinking the same thing that the letter writer expressed. I guess you could say our whole society has to share the blame.

Yes they did. It's called "Fast and Furious."

Fast and Furious - the reddest of red herrings.

OK . . . here's another one if that "herring" is too "red" for you Billy boy: Federal gun prosecutions peaked during the Bush administration. They have declined under Obama such that his administration has a 40% lower rate of gun prosecutions. And you want more gun laws? When the current administration isn't enforcing the gun laws we currently have on the books???

EXTRA, EXTRA, READ ALL ABOUT IT - FREE BONUS "RED HERRING" - TWO FOR THE PRICE OF ONE!!!!!!! Our Govt. is sending arsenals of weapons to both . . . wait for it . . . ISRAEL AND EGYPT!!!!! If that ain't a recipe for disaster I don't know what is!

Trying to follow the logic. So using this logic Obama commits murder every time a thug in Chicago who has government housing, foodstamps or what ever taxpayer financed living support? So Jeanne Shaheen the Obama rubber stamping machine also commits murder because she votes just how Obama wants her to vote? Perhaps we should vote Shaheen out of office in 2014 than.

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