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Letter: Inappropriate lesson plan

Penacook Elementary School has decided to subject its second-grade students to discrimination.

I got a letter in the mail from my daughter’s second-grade teacher, and it states that when they return to school they will be starting a new lesson on sharing the planet. The focus is on injustice and inequality. The principal is going to come into their class and tell these second-graders that she has made up new rules “just because she can” and that all the kids with brown eyes will have special privileges that the blue-eyed students don’t have. Then the next day she will come into class and tell them that she made a mistake and that all the blue-eyed kids have privileges and the brown-eyed kids do not. The letter goes on to state that this is often difficult for the children but important so that each child can directly understand discrimination, and that I am to keep this secret.

Children do not need to be subjected to discrimination in order to understand the concept. This is going too far. No child should suffer through discrimination for the sake of a learning experience. This could be handled in a much more appropriate fashion!



Legacy Comments2

This lesson is just plain stupid and will be upsetting to the students. It has also been done before and has in fact been shown on a news program such as 60 Minutes or dateline a number of years ago. These liberal teachers and principles think they are being unique and original. For crying out loud isn't there enough examples in history to teach these kids without these mock insulting and degrading little sketches? Doesn't the principle have something better to do some make work administrative duties!

I agree with you "danny-boy" that this is a rather silly assignment. It is also rather ancient as it or something very similar to it has been floating around in the pedagogical ether for years now. But please danny-boy, do not come on here and fulfill the stereotype of the classic "anti-education" (or is it "anti-intelligence") Tea-party type by typing the following . . . "principle" - when in fact you meant to type "PRINCIPAL." "Isn't there enough examples . . . " when you meant to type "AREN'T there enough examples . . . " At least I HOPE that these spelling and grammatical errors were just typos.

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