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Letter: Support House gun ban

In the New Hampshire House there is an upcoming vote on a change to a rule pushed through by the former speaker of the House that allowed concealed weapons in Representatives Hall at the State House.

The House Democratic caucus is proposing a ban on weapons in the House chamber, including the visitor’s gallery. This is not new. It would simply reinstate the successful longstanding safety policy in the oldest continually operating State House in these United States.

This is common-sense practice. Our State House has been open and safe since 1814. I urge you to continue to support a safe and healthy environment in which lawmakers can do their work and in which schoolchildren can visit and be safe. I am confident in the fact that our trained law-enforcement officials will be able to maintain order and safety in the people’s house. Please let your representative know that you support the return to the former rules. Come, let us reason together.



Legacy Comments1

Dear Jon, If this is a "common-sense" practice, then are you claiming that the NH-NEA has NO COMMON SENSE? Their "Dr. Seuss in the Statehouse" program - in which they take the little kiddies into the "belly of the political beast" for a little "Green eggs and ham" PREDATES the ORIGINAL State House gun ban. In other words . . . prior to the original gun ban - they had kids and guns in the statehouse. Then after the ban, they had kids and no guns. Then when the ban was lifted in 2010 - ALL OF A SUDDEN kids and guns were a bad mix. I predict that our legislators will once again be reading "green eggs and ham" . . .

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