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Letter: The show will go on

Re “Shaheen is working hard” (Monitor letter, Jan. 3):

This shameless political statement by a Democratic national committeeman misses a couple of key points: None of the members of Congress would have been called away from their families if they had done their jobs: taking care of the country instead of their party’s agenda.

Democrats embraced the political brinksmanship as much if not more than the Republicans. All they had to do was hang in there until the “no tax increase” party realized that to not roll over and allow increased taxes on the wealthy without any spending control would allow the hugest tax increase in history on everyone.

This Democratic “victory” really means that they are on the spot to make concessions on spending to include entitlements in the next round. Let’s see who the party of “no” is in the coming debates. Then we will see how hard the Democrats are willing to work. My bet is that the congressional show will go on, which would be disgusting. But no surprise.



Legacy Comments1

Thank you Jon! When the debt ceiling needs to be raised, it is Obama and Democrats who will blame Republicans for any possible default. Like children they want it their way or they are going to throw a tantrum, lie to the American people and use low life tactics like class envy and fear mongering. Their totalitarian agenda can't last forever, my guess is that in 2014, we will see a change.

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