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Letter: Horn’s story doesn’t add up

Re “State GOP candidate’s lien posted” (Monitor front page, Jan. 9):

Jennifer Horn’s explanation (her husband was unemployed) for failure to pay her federal income taxes in 2008 and 2009 makes no sense. That might explain failure to pay property taxes, but having an income tax liability has a strong implication one had income.

Working it backward, the lien amounts suggest that Horn and family had an income of at least $120,000 in 2008 and $220,000 in 2009. It might have been a lot more depending on whether the Horn’s had many deductions and whether they paid some taxes in either of those years. It might have been less if some of the lien amount represents penalties for failure to file or failure to make estimated tax payments, but such penalties would create their own issues of Horn’s responsibility.

Many Monitor readers would be glad to be “underemployed” at this level and would pay their taxes.

Horn’s statement that the family chose to not pay their federal taxes is disturbing in the context of her past political campaigns. Would voters have considered her in the same way if they knew she considered paying taxes a lifestyle choice rather than a mandatory civic responsibility?

This incident (and the questions surrounding former congressman Frank Guinta’s campaign) suggests that we need stronger financial reporting laws for candidates for high office as well as for the elected person.

I hope the Monitor can use its files to give us a more complete picture of the Horn’s finances. Politicians should not be allowed to get away with such evasions of legitimate questions of public interest.



Legacy Comments1

Timothy Geithner did not pay his taxes and several other Obama appointees as well. Then we have John Kerry attempting to register his yacht elsewhere to avoid taxes. Of course, progressives LOVE Al Sharpton, the mail order minister and rabblerouser who brings in a cool $500,000 per year and who owes $3.5M in state and federal taxes. From "A new report just out from the Internal Revenue Service reveals that 36 of President Obama's executive office staff owe the country $833,970 in back taxes. These people working for Mr. Fair Share apparently haven't paid any share, let alone their fair share. Previous reports have shown how well-paid Obama's White House staff is, with 457 aides pulling down more than $37 million last year." Are you just as shocked and angry about that as you are Jennifer Horn or is your angst and anger only directed at a Republican.

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