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Letter: Limit guns to the military and police officers

We are constantly reading articles about gun control and that guns are a Constitutional right. When the Constitution was written, the United States consisted of 13 colonies along the Atlantic coast. The rest of the continent was wild forest inhabited by Indians and wild animals. Hunting was about the only source of meat. Yes. Hunting was a necessity. We have progressed beyond that stage.

Benjamin Franklin said “There never has been a law written that could not be amended.”

The second clause of the Second Amendment must be revised to limit firearms only to the armed forces and police officers. No one else.

What is more sacred – life or fun?

This is not a request. It is a demand.



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If one believes that we should take away those things that can cause one harm....I suggest we start with some peoples keyboards

Using the same ideal and logic, the First Amendment was written back when we were 13 colonies that did things far differently. So, you are only allowed freedom of speech and the press if you use a quill pen on paper, or set type by manual labor, and print on a hand press. Otherwise your freedoms are going to be limited and regulated. Nobody back then could have dreamed of word processors and home printers of the power seen today.

Bernie, Bernie, Bernie. Are you actually willing to take our wildlife and wild places hostage for your little gun-grab fantasy scenario? What you're suggesting is a ban on all hunting. Do you know what would happen if we banned all hunting in 2013? (HINT: it's not the "good ole days" when folks had to hunt - in more ways than one. Meaning we've not only taken away much of the critter's habitat we've also replaced much of it with vittles they like better like corn, soybeans, ornamental shrubs and orchards.) Do you really want to bring on the disease, starvation, population booms and busts, increased auto collisions(and with them, increased auto insurance rates) that would occur if your fantasy was realized? Best keep that one up there in the ether of your noggin, not out here in the real world. (Hunter Dan, doin' his best c dog e doggie impression)

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