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Letter: No exceptions whatsoever

Re “City may curtail begging” (Monitor front page, Jan 22):

I firmly believe that any and all forms of begging, panhandling or whatever else you care to call it should be banned within the city limits of Concord.

These people are annoying, they are a traffic hazard and they create an overall distasteful image of the city.

The proposed ordinance should apply straight across the board, with no exceptions whatsoever. Fine them, you say? Come on, now, let’s be realistic. They supposedly don’t have any money. Send them to jail? This time of year, some of them would probably welcome 90 days in the slammer, in where it’s nice and warm, with three squares a day – such a deal!

Also, another thing Concord should put a handle on is the Salvation Army, Concord Little League, girls’ basketball, etc. They are annoying, also. Have them put secured collection boxes at the entrances and exits or checkout lanes of these business that they stake out. That way, if you wish to give, you can do so without somebody getting in your face.



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Slow down a bit Rabbit . Panhandler is when someone, puts a used paper coffee cup up close to your face and says : "hey man how about some help" ?

I believe I know the difference between a panhandler and a charity Jim. The letter writer says no exceptions. Put a handle on Little League etc. My point is that the letter writer is putting fund raising in the same catagory as begging, and that we do not see Little League, etc every day. Did you miss that?

Putting Concord Little League, The Salvation Army, Sports, etc in the same league as panhandlers is ridiculous. We see the Salvation Army usually once a year, Sport Teams once a year and usually the police have their drives once a year. How do you compare that to a panhandler that is out there every day? Raising money for those groups is not panhandling. What next, selling Girl Scout Cookies is panhandling?


That is why I am called Rabbit. Some folks often refer to me as being like a hummingbird also because of my size and energy.

"If you don't bar these beggars now you will never be able to do so in the future especially if they are black." And this year's Ryan J Murdough award goes to . . . . . . .

Well, I see this in NYC all of the time. Panhandlers on the road side, who claim that they have not had anything to eat in a week but they have on $125 Nike sneakers. A panhandler in California where people are allowed by law to stand in front of retail stores and retailers can't do anything about it, sit in chairs and beg all day long, again, wearing pretty nice threads. It goes on everywhere. Moreover, I was in line behind a woman and her two small children in a store the other day. She was a refugee and had food stamps and was paying for her groceries. Her two boys had designer coats and pants and brand new New Balance sneakers. She paid for half of the bill in cash as well. Out she pulls a designer hand bag and on her wrist was a tennis bracelet and a nice one as well. So, there are deceptions out there everywhere and this economy is magnifying it. It is tough to decide who needs the help and who does not.

If you don't bar these beggars now you will never be able to do so in the future especially if they are black. This is from my 30 years of experience in the Boston and Quincy areas. I could go on with additional facts but you wouldn't believe any of them.

I'm glad you're not "King of Concord" Alan.

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