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Letter: Sanborn’s language was beyond the pale

I take issue with Sen. Andy Sanborn’s use of the word “enemy” to describe Gov. Maggie Hassan at the New Hampshire State Republican Committee’s annual meeting (“N.H. GOP picks Horn as leader,” Sunday Monitor, Jan. 27). It goes beyond the pale.

I have signed on to a bill sponsored by Sanborn which would reimburse towns for nonpayment of flood control mitigation money owed by Massachusetts. I did not consider Sanborn an “enemy” but rather an ally on an issue we both feel strongly about.

I am sure we will disagree on many things in the future, but I would respectfully advise my Republican and Democratic colleagues to refrain from the use of insulting language.

I understand calling the Taliban and al-Qaida enemies, but I am sure the senator did not intend to equate them with our freely elected governor.

We must be careful of the language we use and respectful of one another. That is what the voters want us to do.



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The leader of the Democrat Party-Barack Hussein Obama has called Republicans "The Enemy" Barack Hussein Obama has called Republicans hostage takers. Barack Hussein Obama has said that Republicans hold a gun to America's head. What hypocrites democrats are for complaining about civility. Democrats are the least civil. What a bunch of spoiled babies.

Sanborn is a great American

What makes somone a "great American"? Is it serving in the military? Paying taxes? Helping people? Being moral? Sail, help me out with this.

It takes one to know one - If you dont know then ya arent one

Sanborn is typical of the republican far right wing that has taken control of the Republican Party in NH as well as elsewhere. I am against raising taxes to pay for more feel good programs and more welfare benefits for those that can work and never want to. But to call the governor an enemy shows how idiotic these clowns who run the state's republican party are. Sanborn, like rep. O’Brian, don’t belong in any political party leadership. As long as people like these talk the trash rather than trying to work together for the good of all NH citizens, nothing positive will result. One need only look at the US Congress to see that! The problem with out two major political parties is that they always vote against any bill that their own party did not offer even if it will benefit the voters, just so the other party won't look good. But no matter who submits a bill that would benefit them all personally, i.e. raises and benefits, laws that don't pertain to them (i.e. Obama Care) they will vote for that bill !

Maybe we need to start a petition to have Sanborn censured or impeached. Then the whole legislative session can be taken up with the members taking out petions against each other. Doesn't sound like the Repubs learned anything from the election and what the voters are tired of.

Funny, that is exactly what I think we should do with Barack Obama. He said far worse things about Romney then Sanborn did about al-Hassan.

Unfortunately Itsa the left is all about bad rhetoric when it is directed at the right, but when it is directed at the left it is horrific. They seem to have convienent memory lapses when it comes to policing their own. I take that back, they actually cheer them on when their party uses bad rhetoric. They believe that bad rhetoric is justified if the person they are using it on is conservative or religious. That applies to women also. They never defend conservative or religious women when their party members say vile things about them. Nor do the feminists. But then again, the feminists never defended stay at home Moms either.

anybody remember what democrat Chase recently said?

Thank you, Rep. Ratzki, for your thoughtful analysis. At war, we have enemies who need to be vanquished. In politics, we have adversaries with whom we need to work to find common ground solutions. It is good to keep these concepts clear.

Agreed, Rep.Ratzki. Let's hope that Se. Sanborn does not hold a grudge toward you for criticizing him in this public venue.

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