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Letter: Right-side up, please

I have noticed lately that it has become trendy to fly and display the American flag upside down for whatever political reason. As a 15-year infantry veteran with service in the U.S. Marines and U.S. Army, I do not agree with this practice.

Flying the flag upside down only provides motivation and propaganda to those who would use that image to undermine the strength of America. Even more important, it affects the morale and motivation of the American men and woman still serving in the military defending our freedoms. These young patriots who sacrifice so much for our country can become disheartened and demoralized when they see Old Glory flown in this manner at home while they still fight the fight.

As a veteran who helped defend your right to freedom of speech and expression, I would respectfully request that you think just a little about how your decision affects our veterans and present service members, before you fly your flag upside down on a pole or in a post or as an icon on Facebook.



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Semper Fi Michael.

I haven't noticed this, but I do recall one of the regular posters (who shall remain nameless unless or until he chooses to comment) on here vowing that he would fly his flag upside down if Obama won.

that would be the American flag that obama removed the stars and inserted his face with a halo over it

E tu? Spoken like a true patriot and loyal American!

Thank you for your service Michael. I think if you fly it upside down now it means you're a racist who thinks Obama's gonna take your guns away . . . but I could be wrong.

I am a veteran as well, including Vietnam -- the conflict of my time. Whatever "flying it upside down" might mean to any particular mindset of protest, I suggest that another way ought to be found. Maybe simply do not fly it at all, maybe find other signals and "flags" of protest. Maybe do not so casually dishonor that for which *so much* has been given by so many over such increasingly deep and meaningful time.

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