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Letter: Wind deserves consideration

As New Hampshire considers its energy future, informed approaches to projects will be more helpful than “not in my backyard.” For example, even before specific proposals are before public officials, objections to wind farms conclude that they are inefficient, harmful to streams and rivers, ruin the view, and are not worth pursuing because they cannot supply 100 percent of New Hampshire’s electricity (“Wind farms will forever change Newfound Lake,” Monitor letter, Jan. 25). Let’s wait for the evidence.

The Site Evaluation Committee exists for approving projects like wind farms, with public input. Wind farms are no more likely to do harm than any other project. Climate change is a serious issue that must weigh in any equation.

According to the final report on the New Hampshire Independent Energy Study by the state Energy Efficiency and Sustainable Energy Board (, New Hampshire spent more than $6 billion on energy in 2008, nearly 7 percent of its annual gross state product. Some families spent 10 to 50 percent of household income on energy. Energy efficiency projects are the most cost-effective. Efficiency coupled with more renewable generation buffers against negative impacts of the fluctuating energy market, the result of worldwide increases in energy demand.

Some people find turbines unattractive. However, wind farms do not pollute air or water, do not use water, and do not generate hazardous waste or greenhouse gases. They add to New Hampshire’s energy security. Can we credibly refuse to consider cleaner sources of energy like wind, while towns downwind of Schiller and Bow (coal-fired power plants) breath polluted air?



Legacy Comments1

I have some concerns about the current form of wind to electricity systems. Of course we all want less polluting energy. That said, as I look at the turbines sprouting up all over the planet, I was reminded of the human body and physics class. In physics, energy is not free, rather always taken from somewhere is else. In the body, if a circulation is slowed or inhibited – bad things happen. I know the planet has multiple circulatory systems such as deep & surface water and near the planets core in addition to wind and assume each serves a purpose. As I see more wind turbines, sprouting up all over the planet, each taking energy out of the wind to make electricity, if we are messing with something we do not yet, fully understand.

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