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Letter: O’Brien doesn’t get it

Rep. Bill O’Brien still doesn’t get it! In the election of 2012 he was not given a mandate. Mont Vernon, where he lives, did give him a majority vote, but the other town in his district did not. He was elected to represent all of his constituents, not just some. Also, many of his cohorts, who only voted his way, were not re-elected.

A good representative does not vote straight one party or the other. Instead, he listens, he questions and he studies all sides before voting. A one-part system is not a democracy.


New London

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Great post Bruce !!!!!!

That is exactly my sentiment on Shea-Porter, was my exact sentiment on Hodes and is my exact sentiment on Obama. I hope that you see that those folks must do what you are asking of O'Brien.

Except for the fact your sentiments do not comport with reality. There is no equivalence between most of the stands O'Brien took and those that Hodes, Shea-Porter, and Obama have taken. And in case you missed it: Obama was just re-elected. Presumably by those in favor of higher taxes on the rich, a strong and secure social safety net, and some form of national health insurance. That said, there is no guarantee these things will happen, given that the president you regard as a 'socialist' and illegitimate president (exemplifying your own extremist views) is a centrist who will likely continue to seek a "Grand Bargain" with Republicans who continue to believe in the Tax Fairy who tells them that cutting taxes and spending is the cure for what ails us. They ignore history, economics, and reality. The president whom you have repeatedly painted as a subversive is a moderate who will likely accommodate to some of the right's demands as they assault domestic programs using the Great Recession-generated deficits as excuse.

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