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Letter: No boundaries on GOP speech, behavior

Re “N.H. GOP picks Horn as leader” (Sunday Monitor front page, Jan. 27):

That Republican Party Chairwoman Jennifer Horn and state Sen. Andy Sanborn say that Gov. Maggie Hassan is the “enemy” and “harebrained,” while contemptible, should not surprise us. Party Republicans have come to believe that there are no boundaries on their speech or behavior. We saw that exemplified well in the previous Legislature.

Their words and actions preclude willingness and ability to listen, discuss, compromise and come to consensus.

Do not confound them with information and, more, with attempt to reason. Their minds are decided, their positions unchangeable.

John Nance Garner, the first vice president under Franklin Roosevelt, is alleged to have said that the vice presidency is not worth a bucket of warm spit. These Republicans are filling that bucket and are wallowing in it. They cannot emerge clean.



Legacy Comments5

Didn't Obama call Republicans the "enemy"? Did Obama not accuse Romney of being a thief and criminal? Did a state representative from Keene just recently call Free Stater's a threat to the state? What is the difference?

Not exactly.... Obama's "enemy" reference was at a campaign rally for Hispanic voters, in which he referred to the "enemies" of immigration reform, and later said he should have used the word "opponents". So far as I could ascertain, Obama never personally called Romney a thief or criminal. As for the "Free Staters", a stealth group who got their comeuppance at the last election, I'd let their actions speak for themselves--and the voters' response as well. Overall,I think you've posted another screed with inaccurate, and even false equivalences. And given what the right (including you, a name-caller par-excellence) have said about Obama since Day 1, your post oozes insincerity.

Two wrongs do not make a right. It does not matter which party was represented by Sanborn when he stated that the new governor was the "enemy": it was wrong. It was wrong to called her ideas "harebrained". It doesn't matter what party is represented, it is wrong because all it does is lead to contempt and legislative constipation. Nothing gets done because no one will compromise, and we have a few hundred legistlators living their 15 minutes of glory while the state continues to NOT solve the myriad of severe problems facing all of us. School funding, highest cost of public college, medicare misappropriation, poor roads and infrastructure, taxes disguised as fees so that we can maintain the false "New Hampshire Advantage".. Why are they not talking about that?

Ya know Arnold you are so right on target here. I never see the Dem party use bad rhetoric. If you want proof of that, check out the forum here and see what the Dems are calling gun owners. Also, check out a search and see what Dems use to call Bush, Palin, and Bachman. I also believe that Romeny was accused of a few things also.

I give up. What are "the Dems" on this forum calling "gun owners"?

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